December 30, 2008

End of very challenging year

2008 was very challenging year for many people. World economy collapsed, fuel prices jumped up and now gone done; multimillion -companies are on the verge of bankruptcy.
People kill each other in the world and natural disaster hit many places- earthquake, flood, drought, global warming, etc...

Here in PNG was no exception. Hotel cost is forever going up (esp. Port Moresby), food cost jumped because of high fuel cost but never gone down after fuel prices gone down - why ?
Highland Highway was cut off by landslide (in April), King Tides washed away seaside Hotel, etc... etc....
But as long as we are healthy and alive, we know we will come back and overcome all the difficulties. Never give up and keep going , PNG ! Bright future is waiting for you.

December 20, 2008

Construction Boom

One of the key words symbolising the year 2008 in Papua New Guinea, particularly in Port Moresby was construction boom. There are lots of buildings are under construction - Hotel, Supermarket, Residential apartment, office building etc...

Despite the world economy collapse, the construction boom is still going on and sustaing the local economy.

November 07, 2008

Shrimp Plant

The heart-shaped bracts on these Acanthus family plants suggest a scale that looks like curved tail of the shrimp. The real flowers are tiny white ones on top of the "shrimp."
It is also called as Lollipop, as it may look like an candy.
You can see them in tropical jungle of Papua New Guinea, but more easily, they can be found in National Capital Botanical garden in Port Moresby.

October 18, 2008

PNG National Team off to Rugby League World Cup

We have caught up with PNG Kumuls, National Team of PNG Rugby League on the way to Australia for Rugby League World Cup.
Although Papua New Guinea is not a big name in Rugby, some players have been playing in Australia, UK and other profesional leagues in the world.
Together with fellow players playing in the country, Papua New Guinea have a potential to match the world super powers.
PNG Kumuls will meet England on 25th Oct in Townsville.
Kumul means "Bird of Paradise" in Tok-Pidgin.
Go Kumuls and fly like a Bird of Paradise !

Raggiana Bird of Paradise - "Kumul"

October 17, 2008

Greetings from Köln

Greetings from Köln reached us after her recent trip to PNG.
On behalf of all the staffs, we are looking forward for your visit again !!

October 13, 2008

Tawali Resort

Tawali Resort sits on a picturesque beautiful hill on Hoia bay on the North Coast of Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea.
It is a perfect place if you are looking for off-the beaten trek, quiet place, surrounded by nature yet have modern comfort. The main attraction there is its pristine coral reef - scuba diving & snorkeling, but there are several activities available such as guided rainforest walk, village visit, skull caves visit etc.. for Non-diver.
The trip to Tawali is available in VIP New Guinea Executive Holiday package.

October 02, 2008

Highest Peak of South Pacific - Mt Wilhelm

Mt Wilhelm rises up to 4,509m and is the highest peak in Papua New Guinea as well as South Pacific. Kegusugul, at the foot of Mt Wilhelm is accessible by Road from Goroka (approx 6 hours) and you start walking from there. Goroka is approx 1 hour flight from/to Port Moresby, the international gateway of the country.
The walk involves up and downs through the Highlands Rainforest, Grassland and Rocky Cliffs to the summit. Although the trip is challenging, with the help of friendly local guide and porter , it will give you an unforgettable experience.
You can also combine the trip with Sepik River Cruise to make it a complete adventure expedition in Papua New Guinea.
If you have adventure in mind and some holiday, pack your gear and come to Mt Wilhelm !

September 29, 2008

Monster in the Lake ???

Have visited Lake Dakataua in West New Britain.
It is believed that huge monster called "Migo" is living in the lake : head like a snake, has horse-like mane and body like a crocodile. There were several sighting by the villagers in the past.
The filming crew camped near the lake for a week to record the monster in the film.
Did they film the Migo ? well, I can not say at this stage but the expedition was very exiting.
West New Britain is famous for its pristine underwater world but may be famous with Migo in the future ???

September 17, 2008

Independence Celebration going on

Papua New Guinea became 33 years old on Tuesday, 16th September.
Independence celebration was going on everywhere, and school was no exception.
School kids dressed up with their own village costume and along with the beat of Kundu & Garamut, they danced away for the day. They were all proud to be Papua New Guinean with rich & diversed culture, and the tradition will be passed on to next generation.
Happy Birthday, Papua New Guinea and keep going for the bright future !!

September 05, 2008

River Cruise on a Floating Lodge

The Sepik River is one of the Greatest River Systems of the World.
It has a large catchment area and landforms that include swamplands, tropical rainforest and mountains. Biologically, the river system is possibly the largest uncontaminated freshwater wetland system in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Mighty Sepik River was first discovered by German explorer Dr Otto Finsch in 1885 and named after German Empress Kaiserin Augusta.
After the First World War, the Australian Government took over the German New Guinea and established a station on the middle Sepik at Ambunti.
The river name was also changed from Kaiserin Augusta to Sepik. It is believed that “Sepik” means “Great River”. Sepik has attracted little development and remains remarkably untouched by Western influences.
MV Sepik Spirit is a luxurious floating Lodge on the Sepik River.
You can visit indigenous villages along the Middle Sepik while staying in an air-conditioned floating Lodge.
For those interested in, please check the VIP New Guinea Executive Tour package on the following site.

August 20, 2008

A warm greetings from Germany

A warm greetings reached from Germany, who has visited Papua New Guinea in July.

We are still full of rich experiences concerning PNG. We are so glad that you arranged everything for us in such a good way and so I give you the greetings of all 22 members of our group. All of us are looking forward to giving lectures about PNG as the land of the next World Day of Prayer in the following months. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us. And give our love and embrace to Mary who is an excellent guide. I hope her foot is well again! All of you were wonderful – and you gave us the chance to get to know not only the sights but people of Papua New Guinea, too. So we can look back to precious experiences. And in our minds there are not only the images of a beautiful and blessed country but also – and in the first place – the smiles, words, blessings and hugs you gave us. We keep all this in our hearts!
With warm wishes from Germany! God bless you!

*****Photo: FH Soest Group with Minister Dame Carol Kidu at Parliament House

Thank you very much for the warm greetings, and with good memories of PNG, we all hope you will have a good World of Prayer day in March 2009 !!

August 05, 2008

Mandarin Fish in Kavineg

We have received a latest photo-report from Lissenung Island off Kavieng, New Ireland.
The latest photo is photogenic "Mandarinfish".
The body design is so colorful that people may think it is artificial, but it is all Natural.
If you happen to visit Lissenung next time, don't forget to request "Mandarin Fish".

Photo courtesy of Lissenung Island

July 25, 2008

National Mask Festival

14th National Mask Festival was held for 16-19 July 2008.
This year, the venue has been moved from Rabaul to Kokopo.
There were lots of discussions regarding the relocation, but considering the fact that the Festival can not continue without the support from the private sector, it is logic when most of the business houses (including Hotels) are moved to Kokopo after 1994 eruption.

Some tourists stayed in Rabaul town (which is 45 minutes drive to Kokopo) had to wake up 4 am to see Kinavai ceremony which was coming to the shore of Kokopo this year. Despite that, they have enjoyed the sacred ceremony which, except the show time, is confined to the secret society members. The next Mask Festival is expected to held in Kokopo again in July 2009.

July 22, 2008

Future Generation

Visited New Ireland for Filming project.
I have first visited New Ireland in 1995 and so impressed with friendly local people and laid-back atmosphere. As I passed the coastal villages by bicycle (I travelled from Namatanai to Kavieng by bicycle in 5 days !), everybody came out and waved hands.
Since then, I had several chance to visit New Ireland but not really in the villages.
This time, I went to the village and was wondering how the place and people has changed.
But to my relief, it is not much changed after 13 years.
Photo: Twin sisters posing for the camera with curiosity and fear. Putput No.2 village near Kaut

July 13, 2008

World Heritage Site

Kuk Early agricultural site of Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea has been listed for World Heritage. This is first World Heritage listing in Papua New Guinea.
Soils of Kuk have evidence of garden draining system dated back to 9,000 years ago.
This makes Highlands of Papua New Guinea as earlist known farmers on earth.

Ironically, the Highands of Papua New Guinea was "Discovered" by Europeans in 1930s, and First Farmers in the World is regarded as one of the last-found-tribes in the world....
Detail of World Heritage as follows.

July 09, 2008

Women only

We have women group all the way from Germany, visited Mt Hagen, Goroka, Lae by road and now in Port Moresby. The Group is made up of all women, meeting different women groups around the country, and guides are all women. Male staffs are only backing up just in case they need men power ! They met different organizations and shared the issues affecting women.
In the male-dominate society of Papua New Guinea, women are struggling, trying to be independent and to grab equal opportunities as men.
Remember, before being a Lawyer, a Doctor, a Pilot or a Prime Minister, everybody was born from the Mother; without women, nobody is given birth.
Cheers for all the Women in Papua New Guinea, Germany and all around the world !!

July 04, 2008

Jewels of Papua New Guinea

One might wonder what is the cherry-like fruit in the village. These are coffee beans, the Jewels given by the nature, and the most popular commercial crop in Papua New Guinea Highlands.
Unlike other countries, most of PNG coffees are produced by small holders - by individual houses or villages rather than produced in large plantations.
If you visit villages around Goroka, you will not miss coffee trees.
PNG is in the middle of Coffee season and run through around October.
We can arrange village stay (or day trip) where you can try to pick the coffee beans.
If you are tired of drinking coffee at Starbucks or Luxurious hotel bars, what about tasting the freshly cultivated world-class coffee in the nature ?

June 26, 2008

Goroka Show is coming for Sep 13-14

One of the largest Cultural events in Papua New Guinea, Goroka Show will be held 13-14 Sep 2008 in Goroka. Tribes from all over the Highlands, Madang, Morobe, Sepik people come through the Highlands Highway to participate, and compete each other during the 2 days show.
It is a very rare chance to see the different tribes from different parts of the country in one place !!
The tourist pass holder can go right into the show ground and see the different cultural performances, sometimes the group will dance only for you !
Accommodation will be very tight during the show period but we have secured rooms for the guests. If you have not booked the room yet, please contact your travel agent and book through us !!

June 19, 2008

Orchid with your name ?

Did you know that Papua New Guinea has more species of Orchids in any other countries of the world ? There are about 3,000 known species of Orchids, which is approx. 2/3rd of known species of all the orchids in the world, and probably more species yet to be discovered.
Once the new species are discovered, new names are given. Sepik Blue, Morobe Shower, Pomio Brown, Moresby Gold are named after the places, while some orchids are named after the person such as Veronica Somare (wife of first prime minister).
While walking in the reinforest, I encounter different species of Orchids and always wonder if those orchids were ever been "discovered"?
If you ever find new species in Papua New Guinea, you may have a chance to name the new orchid after your name !
For those interested, please check Papua New Guinea Orchid News site on

June 12, 2008

State of Origin - biggest sport event ?

Have you ever heard about the Sate of Origin ? Maybe never heard about it unless you are Australian. Because it is a domestic inter-state Rugby League match in Australia - between Queensland & New South Wales.

Here in Papua New Guinea is different. Almost entire population is divided in Maroons (Queensland) & Blues (New South Wales), paint their faces either Red or Blue, waiving flags and march the street, shouting the name of the team they support. There are fights between the supporters, gambling, and sometimes dogs and cats are also painted in Red or Blue. If you decide to eat sausages on the day, you have to choose ones in either Red or Blue. And better not wear the cloths in Red or Blue, otherwise the opponent team supporters may be angry to you.
It is as if British people fight each other for inter-state match in France.... never !!
Whether you agree or not, it is the biggest sport event in Papua New Guinea, involving all folks of lives, youth to elders, men, women, dog and cats.

June 08, 2008

VIP ride by Crocodile

Please pick up the VIP guest from Art shop at 0800am, please handle with care.
That was a first job yesterday, nothing special .... until we found that the guest was not a human being, but a huge Crocodile Figure. As per an order from the client, we have escorted the VIP Croc into the 4WD, sit him on the seat, fastened the seat belt and transported him to airport with care....
The Crocodile together with fellow Ancestral Mask and Figure from Sepik region of Papua New Guinea are now heading for Europe.
After a long journey, hopefully they will find a new home in Bayern, Germany.
Thank you Michael & Xenia for the visit and looking forward to seeing you again !

June 01, 2008

Living with Volcano - Rabaul

Mt Tavurvur and Mt Vulcan in East New Britain has erupted in 17th September 1994, destroyed almost all parts of Rabaul town. People have left home and evacuated, but soon after they have returned to Rabaul and started reconstruction. This is not the first time in the history and people keep coming back to Rabaul town after the volcano eruption.

Mt Tavurvur is still smoking up after 13 years, some parts of the Rabaul town is still under the ash, but people are living with Volcano.
I am not sure if Baining Fire Dance is related with this Volcanic activities, but I just guess that ancient people must have tried to contral the God of the mountain by the Fire Dance ?? Bainings are now living in the hinterland but were the traditional residents of Rabaul before being chased by Tolais, so it could be true ??
National Mask Festival will be held in Rabaul/Kokopo and is coming soon - 16th-19th Jul !!

May 23, 2008

Global Peace Index

2008 Global Peace Index (GPI) was announced recently.
Among the 140 countries, Iceland came First - most peaceful country in the world, followed by fellow Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway. When it comes to Papua New Guinea, it is ranked 95, ahead of USA, Russia, Philippines, India, and many African & middle Eastern countries. Well, I don't know if I can cerebrate or be sad about it.

There is virtually non-risk of terrorism nor military conflict here, but it is true that urban centres have crime problem which makes the rank lower. But if you are staying in the remote village of Papua New Guinea, you will feel that it is one of the most peaceful places in the world.

For detail of GPI, please check following site.

May 15, 2008

Look up the sky when you are in....

Not many people knows that Southern Cross (the Crux) can be seen in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
PNG is located approx. between 2-10 degree in the South Hemisphere, and you can see the Crux in almost everywhere. Early settlers came from South East Asia, Micronesia, and Polynesia may have used the Crux as a guiding star to head South and reached New Guinea...
Even from our house garden in Port Moresby, we can see the Crux very clearly, as well as many other stars in the sky, and we very much enjoy star gazing from time to time.
If you are in the village where no lights are on, you will feel as if the stars are falling to you !!

Next time you are in Papua New Guinea, make sure to look up the sky and enjoy the fabulous natural show by the stars !!

* Papua New Guinea Flag featuring Southern Cross (the Crux) with Raggiana Bird of Paradise

May 13, 2008

Goroka Coffee Festival

7th Coffee Festival was held during 8-10 MAY 2008 in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.
More than 40 x Traditional Sing Sing (Dance) Group attended, from Highlands, Momase, and have seen Group all the way from Manus Islands as well.
International & Domestic Tourists have enjoyed the dance group and display by the coffee related companies.
For those missed this year show, it is not too early to ask for 2009 show, as the show tour is getting more and more popular every year !!

May 06, 2008

Highway Re-opens

Okuk Highway, commonly known as Highlands Highway has been re-opened yesterday after more than 3 weeks of cut-off caused by massive landslides. It was welcomed by local people, government offices and domestic & International business community. During this time, Papua New Guinea has lost millions of Kina (Dollars) for missed opportunity for its export products such as Gold, Tea, Coffee etc...
Highlands Highway is the longest road network in the country connecting Lae, Madang and Highlands Provinces of Papua New Guinea. Apart from the rich natural resources, the Highway boasts about excellent views and indigenous cultures.
We arrange Madang to Goroka, Goroka to Mt Hagen Transfer or visa versa with sites of interests on the way.
The long bus ride is tiring but worth trying !!

May 01, 2008

Very Important Item in House

Coastal and Island village people of Papua New Guinea can live without Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply, but may not live without this.....
It is Coconut Scraper, the small chair-type equipment with sharp blade on one side to scrape the inner skin of Coconut. Scraped Coconut will be squeezed and made into Coconut Milk, used for different cooking. Today we visited one Motuan Village outside of Port Moresby and saw how Saksak (Sago) dish was made. The scraped Coconut was mixed with Sago powder, Banana and made into pudding-like cake.
We ate lots, lots of Saksak and left the village.....
Life would be much more difficult if they don't have Coconut Scraper....

April 18, 2008

Latest Situation of Highlands Highway

Last Saturday, huge Landslide happened near Kundiawa, cutting off Road link in the middle of Highlands Highway. We have regular flow of tourists from/to Mt Hagen/Goroka including Mt Wilhelm trekking, so we have visited the site this week to see the situation.
The road was cut off approx 500m and no cars can go through the section.
Travelling public have to walk the distance - approx 5minutes, carrying their cargo to catch bus on the other side of the road. So Life is bit harder, but people are still surviving.
Now people are waiting for the Fuel supply to Mt Hagen and rest of the Highlands Province, and opening up of alternative road before the section is restored.
For the time being, please be assured that Overland Tour of Highlands Highway is operating without much trouble, we get vehicle from both sides - Hagen & Goroka to connect the tourists across. All you need to do is to walk about 500m !!

April 13, 2008

Fly to Tufi for Diving

Tufi is one of the premier destinations for Scuba Diving as well as Culture, Nature visits.
The only problem was access - there are only 2 flights in a week, Mondays & Fridays.
Tropic Air has started scheduled charter this April, mainly on Sundays, at the cost of regular flights per passenger. This will make Tufi more accessible by tourists.
Photo below is some tourists getting on Tropic Air flight this morning.
I wish I were with them and jump into the beautiful water....

April 06, 2008

Start of Birding Season

After few rainy months, Papua New Guinea is getting drier, and it is a start of Bird Watching Season. We had some bird watchers last week, first day was all day raining - very sorry but had good time in Kiunga, and back to Port Moresby and had a very good look at Raggiana Bird of Paradise. There were about 5 Males, took turn to dance and attract Females - more than 8 -hiding in the bush and checking how the dance was going.
The photo would be much nicer if there were no branches.... But it is in the wilderness so you can feel the Real sound and dynamism, which you cant feel or see at Zoo.
Birding season will run till the end of October/early November.

March 31, 2008

MV Doulos visit

On Sunday, we have visited MV Doulos berthed at Port Moresby main Wharf.
MV Doulos is a floating bookshop, world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship (built in 1914 !). The boat is operated by 350 Christian Volunteers from 50 different nationalities, and she sails around the world from ports to ports.
It is indeed a rare opportunity for people of Papua New Guinea to purchase some of the latest books at reasonable cost. It was first Sunday for Port Moresby, so when we arrived at Wharf around 13:30 (just 30 minutes after the opening), the queue was going from the wharf all the way up to the nearby hill. We had to stand under the hot sun more than 2 hours, and managed to go on board around 16:00hrs ! We bought more than 10 books, mainly for kids, and cooking, health book for adults, cost about US$70. Very good shopping, but as soon as we arrived home, went straight to bed...
Thanks MV Doulos and its staff. Come to PNG again, we still need you !!
MV Doulos Website

March 28, 2008

Great Award for German Wantok

Mr Rudiger Knospe has been awarded with the "Member of the Logohu Award" yesterday from Governor General of Papua New Guinea. Congratulations Rudiger !!
He has been representing Air Niugini in Germany since 1988, and also PNG Tourism office in Europe since 1998.
In Papua New Guinea, people will call close friends or relatives as Wantok (= originally one talk, same language group or same tribes person), and many people call Rudiger as Wantok with much affection. Most people work for money and survival, but not many people are happy enough to work from their Heart. Rudiger is one of the such rare persons, loves the country and worked to promote Papua New Guinea in Europe for last 20 years: he deserves the Award.
But Rudiger, this is not the End, -you have to work another 30 years to get 50 years of service Award !!!

March 26, 2008

Island Paradise - Lissenung

If you are looking for complete relax in Papua New Guinea, Lissenung Island Resort off the Kaveing, New Ireland Province is a place to consider.
The life in the small Island is very simple but not easy to experience. The Island has fully equipped PADI Dive Centre, but snorkelling around the island&s house reef is good enough for a non-diver.
We have some packages including Lissenung stay. Please go though and include it in your next holiday plan !!

March 21, 2008

Induldge in the Rainforest - Kaveve Nature Walk

Apart from eating the local food, what I wanted to do when I came back to Papua New Guinea after a long trip was to indulge myself in the Nature, whether it be Diving in the healthiest reefs in the world , or Trekking among the last remaining Rainforest on Earth.

Kaveve Waterfall Nature Walk outside of Goroka is just right for you to relax your mind in the Rainforest, get mild sunshine and cool breeze, indulge yourself in the Nature. But it is not only that. It also has a cultural aspect of it - Along the trek, there is some stories of Nokondi, locally very famous half-human, half-spirit who used to live in Goroka. One of the sites along the trek is a huge rock which was said to be cracked by Nokondi, using his xxxxx.. (For detail, find it yourself !!)
(Nokondi is even shown on the centre of Provincial Flag of Eastern Highlands Province. )
For Papua New Guinea Package Tour including Kaveve Nature Water Fall Walk, pleae check the image on

Eastern Highlands Provincial Flag with Nokondi in the centre

March 15, 2008

Back to PNG

After a long long trip to Singapore & Europe, we are finally back in Papua New Guinea yesterday.
As soon as I arrive in "Developed countries", I always look for McDonald for junk food, Music shop for latest CD or DVD, and stand for hours in bookshop for books which I have missed for sometime. As for food, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Steak, Sushi-bar etc...everything that I can eat.
But after sometimes, I realize that I miss something .... Papua New Guinea food, Papua New Guinea music, Great nature & Friendly smile from heart, which I can hardly find anywhere in the world. So guess what we ate last night ? Taro, Kaukau (sweet potato), Aibika with Coconut milk and Cooked Banana with SP Beer- Papua New Guinea Food Party !!

March 09, 2008

Papua New Guinea Ladies Meeting in Germany

There was a surprising Wantok meeting of Papua New Guinea Ladies in Berlin, Germany.
From Left - Emily came from PNG as part of Exhibitor, while Joyce came from Brussels where she works. Dorothy works as a nurse in Germany and has been living there for last 17 years.
Those ladies addded Flowers to PNG stand at ITB Berlin show.
Thanks to the Ladies ??, PNG came No.4 in Best Exhibitor Award among more than 11,000 exhibitors.

March 06, 2008

Snowy start in Berlin

ITB Berlin 2008 has started yesterday with lots of snow fall.
Asaro Mudman is the centre of attraction and many people took shot of him.
For those who have not visited the show, please visit Papua New Guinea booth at Halle 5.2. of Messe Berlin!!