May 24, 2010

Future for PNG Football

Soccer World Cup is around the corner.
While Papua New Guinea is not doing well in the FIFA ranking -ranked 202 ----last on the list !! - at Club level, PNG's Hekari United won the Oceanic Club Cup Championship recently. (See Oceania Football Website for more detail.) Congratulations for Hekari !!

At Junior level, inter-school football match is going on in Port Moresby.
(Photo - Under 6 Koroboro Hunters vs. TEMIS Tigers)
During the colonial era, Football was brought by Germans to New Guinea. After the change of colonial master, Rugby League is the most popular sport across the nation.
But there are lots of young kids playing football these days. By the time these kids become senor level, PNG may be going for World Cup -- who knows ??

May 19, 2010

Parasitic Plants

Parasitic Plants are type of plants that lives on other plants.
Here in tropical climate, we can see a lot of parasitic plants on the trunk or branch of a large tree. It is amazing how different plants live together under a "house" of usually larger "Host Plant".The photo was taken at NCD Botanical Garden in Port Moresby.

By the way, I thought that Orchids were also parasitic.
But, according to the expert, none of the orchids are parasitic.
"In nature, many orchids cling to trees and bushes as a growth habit; but they take nothing from the host plant and do not injure it in any way. Orchids that can grow on trees are called epiphytes or, more commonly, air plants" ---- from website of "Orchid House"

May 16, 2010

Unusual Tour Guide

Another story from Madang. While we visited Haya village, baby Cassowary came around. As we walked around the village, he walked ahead of us like a Tour Guide, almost everywhere. - Unusual Tour Guide !
But later I found that he was not guiding us, but made sure that we did not invade his land or spoil his area.... He was actually on Patrol !!
I know Cassowary is very "territorial", but I couldn't imagine that this small bird claimed the whole village as his yard and suspect the new visitor like a criminal.........

Cassowary is very important bird, pet, or domestic "animal" in the traditional village society of Papua New Guinea. Although it maybe not be as important as Pig, it has certain prestige in the society and it is no doubt the "King of the birds" in Papua New Guinea.

May 15, 2010

Divine Word University Tourism Expo

The main reason to visit Madang this time was to attend "LIKLIK DIWAI TURISM EXPO", - the tourism exhibition by Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM) students by Divine Word University, Madang.
As a Tourism Promotion Authority officer at that time, I remember the discussion to establish Diploma course of THM at Divine Word Institute (later became University) back in 1995.
Now I am very glad to see that the course is well-established and have been providing resource persons to the Tourism industry in PNG.
Congratulations for the students & teachers involved for the success of Expo and once again, "Tenkiu Tru" for inviting me to this great event !!

Photo with Nadia (centre), who was one of the student coordinators of the Event.

May 13, 2010

Visit Amele villages outside Madang

Have visited Amele villages on the South coast of Madang.
After a short trip by 4WD, we have arrived in a beautiful Haya village.
After dropping off food stuff for our dinner, we have visited Hobe village where beautiful flower garden setup is made. Pomelo (a kind of orange) was so juicy and tasty especially after a walk in a tropical garden.

The sunset view from Suyao Lookout was amazing... On a clear day, you could see Mt Wilhelm and Sepik Plain stretching all the way to West Papua.

Amale villages (Haya, Hobe, Suyao) can be visited as an extended half day trip out of Madang town, but for those looking for a real PNG experience, village home stay at Haya village, with early morning jungle walk would make your visit much more interesting...