September 30, 2009

Earthquake in Samoa

Huge Earthquake measuring Richter scale 8.3 hit Pacific Island of Samoa and surrounding area on Wednesday morning. Papua New Guinea, at far west end of the Pacific was not affected, but as a Pacific Island neighbour, we are very much worried about the people who have been affected.
We extend sincere condolences to the family & relatives of who have been affected and wish the quick recovery of country.

September 22, 2009

Nature's wonder at Sialum

You have never heard of Sialum (or Bobongara) at the North Coast of Huon Peninsula of Morobe Province, but the name is archaeologically very well-known for its "terrace" landscape which has risen up every year.
You can find the fossil of fish & shell at the top of the mountain.
Large waisted blade artifacts dating to 38,000 years ago have been excavated at the Bobongara, making it the oldest human habitation site in the South West Pacific.
The area is nominated for World heritage listing and may be the next World Heritage from Papua New Guinea after Kuk in Western Highlands.

September 18, 2009

Wewak Airport Maintenance Completed

After a long period of maintenance work, Wewak airport is reopen for bigger aircraft.Now Wewak airport can cater for Fokker 100 aircrafts (100 seats) and direct from/to Port Moresby.

It is a releif for travelling public, including residents, business community & tourits who have been much affected by the limited seats by 36 seater aircraft.

Wewak is the gateway for mighty Sepik River, cultural treasure of Papua New Guinea.
Photo is Haus Tambaran (Spirit House) of Yessan village in Upper Sepik.
This place can be reached by motor canoe safari tour.

September 16, 2009

Talking about 16th Sep....

Talking about Nation's Birthday on 16th Sep, I forgot that one of our staffs was born on the same day, but bit younger than the nation. Other Staff members bought Jumbo Pizza during the Lunch hour and had a small Birthday Party in the office with Coke.
Happy Birthday !! photo --- Noel gobbling the pizaa up with full smile.

September 10, 2009

Nation's birthday

On 16th September 1975, Australian flag was replaced by the flag of a new country called Papua New Guinea.
We will have 34 years "birthday" of the young nation tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Papua New Guinea, despite all the problems, I trust your future is bright.
The photo was taken at Independence celebration at Korobosea International school.
From top left, Tolai (Rabaul), Mekeo (Central), Rigo (Central) & Simbu groups dancing away with their traditional costume.

September 08, 2009

Goroka show will go on despite....

Less than a month ago, Goroka Chamber of Commerce who has been in charge of the famous Goroka show for last 5 years has suddenly walked out and tried to cancel the famous Goroka show.
However, Air Niugini, Bird of Paradise Hotel, Pacific Gardens Hotel, Goroka Trek & Tours and other stake holders came in and told the "old boys", "OK, if you can't run the show, please vacate so that we can run it."

Even though it was a start from the scratch without assurance of the funds, we believed in the old saying "where there is a will, there is a way."
With the limited funds, the committee has purchased the laminating machine and making thousands of show tickets by hands with the help of the volunteers.

Eventually Corporate sponsors have responded for the appeal by the New committee and assisted with funding.
The show can not be cancelled by the people who don't have a heart for Goroka and the show.
The show is the pride of Goroka, Eastern Highlands and Papua New Guinea.
The show will go on.