November 30, 2007

National Museum Re-opend

National Museum & Art Gallery is re-opend for public after more than 6 months of closure...
I have heard the news and visited this morning if the information was correct, and it was.
Museum Staff looked boring as they have very few visitors since it was re-opened around 2 weeks ago. - becasue nobody knew that it was re-opened !!
The National Museum & Art Gallery has good collection of artifacts, ornaments, fishing equipment, musical instruments, etc... and worth visting while in Port Moresby, even if you are not really interested in culture & history of Papua New Guinea.

It opens for public from 0830-1530 (Mon-Fri) & 1300-1530 on Sundays.

November 29, 2007

Tourists from Poland

Group of Tourists from Poland visited Papua New Guinea.Our team took them around Port Moresby this morning before they departed to Singapore.
Photo: Polish tourists looking for a Raggiana Bird of Paradise at National Capital Botanical Garden, Port Moresby.

Dzie,kuje, bardzo !! (Thank you very much!! )

November 28, 2007

To find a partner ?? in Highlands of PNG

One of the interesting facts of Papua New Guinea is that there are more than 800 languages in the country, and so the culture is very much different.

In Highlands, the culture and life is totally different from the coastal people.
The photo is the courting ceremony of Chimbu people in Highlands of PNG.
In the olderen days, young boys and girls did not have chance to meet each other.
So the group of boys used to visit other village to meet the young girls, get togther, sit down next to each other, and dance until morning - traditional Disco !! - to find the future bride.

You can visit one of the tribes living near Goroka, and see the ceremony, or you may jump into the group and find the future partner ??

November 27, 2007

Way of Life - Coastal Tribe of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is surrounded by the Sea, and life of coastal people is still heavily depending on dug-out canoe: life not changed from thousands of years ago.

Milne Bay Province is made up of more than 600 islands and sea transportation is life-line for the villagers. The kids on the photo are tranporting fish back to their house for the dinner.
To showcase the canoe culture of Minle Bay Province & Papua New Guinea, Kundu & Canoe Festival is held annualy in November in Alotau, provincial capital of Milne Bay Province.
This year, apart from canoes from Minle Bay and PNG, we had visitors all the way from Hawaii, and the Festival is bigger & better every year !

Kundu & Canoe Festival is held 1st Weekend of November (Friday-Sunday).
Photo Below:War Canoe Racing is one of the Highlights of the Festival.

November 26, 2007

Paradise for Birds

Papua New Guinea is one of the last frontiers for many tourists, and bird watching is not an exception. There are more than 700 species of birds, some of them are endemic to here.
Here is the beautiful Brown-headed Paradise Kingfisher, one of my favorite birds. I beleive it is one of the prettiest kingfishers in the world, and surprisingly, you can see it just 60 minutes away from Port Moresby International Airport.
You may be arriving from Europe or USA and in next 1 or 2 hours, you will be with the beautiful birds like this one. Best birding season runs from April to October. (last bird wacther enjoyed very much in November though...)

November 25, 2007

Blue sky is back !!

After almost 2 weeks of rain (very unusual in here !), Blue sky is back in Port Moresby and rest of the country.

Birdwatchers from Germany visited Mt Hagen, Kiunga, Tabubil and were very lucky to avoid rains; while most parts of PNG had rain, everywhere they went was fine weather, and brought sunshine to Port Moresby !!!
It must be a German magic ??

November 23, 2007

2008 Mask Festival dates announced

2008 National Mask Festival will be staged in Rabaul, East New Britain Province for 16-19 JUL, 2008.
The Highlight of the Festivak will be Baining Fire Dance (photo) and Secred Kinavai Ceremony by Tubuan Secret Society, however, there are more and more mask tribes to join and celebrate the mask culture of Papua New Guinea.
For Inquiry of Mask Festival, please contact