May 15, 2008

Look up the sky when you are in....

Not many people knows that Southern Cross (the Crux) can be seen in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
PNG is located approx. between 2-10 degree in the South Hemisphere, and you can see the Crux in almost everywhere. Early settlers came from South East Asia, Micronesia, and Polynesia may have used the Crux as a guiding star to head South and reached New Guinea...
Even from our house garden in Port Moresby, we can see the Crux very clearly, as well as many other stars in the sky, and we very much enjoy star gazing from time to time.
If you are in the village where no lights are on, you will feel as if the stars are falling to you !!

Next time you are in Papua New Guinea, make sure to look up the sky and enjoy the fabulous natural show by the stars !!

* Papua New Guinea Flag featuring Southern Cross (the Crux) with Raggiana Bird of Paradise

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