June 01, 2008

Living with Volcano - Rabaul

Mt Tavurvur and Mt Vulcan in East New Britain has erupted in 17th September 1994, destroyed almost all parts of Rabaul town. People have left home and evacuated, but soon after they have returned to Rabaul and started reconstruction. This is not the first time in the history and people keep coming back to Rabaul town after the volcano eruption.

Mt Tavurvur is still smoking up after 13 years, some parts of the Rabaul town is still under the ash, but people are living with Volcano.
I am not sure if Baining Fire Dance is related with this Volcanic activities, but I just guess that ancient people must have tried to contral the God of the mountain by the Fire Dance ?? Bainings are now living in the hinterland but were the traditional residents of Rabaul before being chased by Tolais, so it could be true ??
National Mask Festival will be held in Rabaul/Kokopo and is coming soon - 16th-19th Jul !!

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