December 30, 2008

End of very challenging year

2008 was very challenging year for many people. World economy collapsed, fuel prices jumped up and now gone done; multimillion -companies are on the verge of bankruptcy.
People kill each other in the world and natural disaster hit many places- earthquake, flood, drought, global warming, etc...

Here in PNG was no exception. Hotel cost is forever going up (esp. Port Moresby), food cost jumped because of high fuel cost but never gone down after fuel prices gone down - why ?
Highland Highway was cut off by landslide (in April), King Tides washed away seaside Hotel, etc... etc....
But as long as we are healthy and alive, we know we will come back and overcome all the difficulties. Never give up and keep going , PNG ! Bright future is waiting for you.

December 20, 2008

Construction Boom

One of the key words symbolising the year 2008 in Papua New Guinea, particularly in Port Moresby was construction boom. There are lots of buildings are under construction - Hotel, Supermarket, Residential apartment, office building etc...

Despite the world economy collapse, the construction boom is still going on and sustaing the local economy.