March 06, 2008

Snowy start in Berlin

ITB Berlin 2008 has started yesterday with lots of snow fall.
Asaro Mudman is the centre of attraction and many people took shot of him.
For those who have not visited the show, please visit Papua New Guinea booth at Halle 5.2. of Messe Berlin!!

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History, lissen

Right, There’s this place it’s like 1,000 miles away, yeah. It’s called Jeremy or Grr many or whatever. N innit is people who live like proper happy in-dare. Yer Germanans yousta have this war cos they were all mentals, day got all deese cool badges n moustaches n tings n they wannid ta show all dem world em, safe. But it wernd n we all didn like dat dutty bling so we battered them, gangsta style. Int end we made em build a pukka wall but they dealers wannid to deal boths sides of it so day paid David Hasselhoff to knock it down, boo ya. But thing is, now these Shermans, they all happy, but we keep talking about them moustaches nt guns, which they don’t like. Dem Gergans think we’re living int past wit house musik, they’re all techno eds and they is right. Cos worlds moved n dat, n we don’t know it. Yoaw, Peace.

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