August 20, 2009

village scene - outside Madang

Photo from the recent visit to the remote villages outside of Madang.

People are so friendly and curious about the visitors, get together and entertained us with their natural smile & hospitality.
Cuscus also came and entertained us, even though it is supposed to be his sleeping time.

August 17, 2009

Rabaul - Simpsonshafen

Rabaul, the provincial capital of East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea is once called "Simpsonshafen" in German New Guinea time. It was shriving business centre by the early settlers including famous Emma Core - "Queen Emma".

The town has been devastated by the 1937 & 1994 volcanic eruptions & World War 2.
However, people who love the "Frangipani town" has come back and rebuilt the town.

With its unique culture tradition such as as Tubuan (by Tolai) & Fire Dance (by Baining), colonial & war history and natural beauty represented by the volcano, it is one of the major tourist destinations in Papua New Guinea.

August 13, 2009

Traditions must go on

Young Theresa was among the Dancers when German TV crew visited Gaire village outside of Port Moresby. She got an instant tattoo on her body & face painted, dressed up in Grass skirt with shell necklaces, and swang her body to the rhythm of the Kundu Drum.
While Western influence is coming to the villages, she learns how to dance at young age and tradition will be passed onto next generations.... Yes, Traditions must go on !

August 07, 2009

Family trip to Loloata

Who said Port Moresby is one of the worst cities in the world ?
Off course there are problems from time to time, just like any other big cities in the world, whether be London, New York, Amsterdam or Paris. But we are living here, going to work and shopping, kids going to school, and on holiday, visiting place like Loloata Island for a relaxisation & fun.

Ready for Snorkeling at "Lion Island"

Afternoon walking up the hill (Loloata means "One Hill" in local Motuan language) to the end of the island until we see "Danger" sign.
After a tiring day, Dinner time !!
Loloata island is located in the middle of great coral reefs, where many scuba divers come from all over the world, but is a place for fun for local residents as well.

August 01, 2009

You can take my photo, but not.....

Papua New Guinean kids are always photogenic by nature.
Especially those in the villages and remote location are not used for Camera, and their shy smile is very precious.
The photo was taken in remote Bogia station, north coast of Madang on the Bismarck Sea.
Yes, you can get my photo, but not......!!