June 12, 2008

State of Origin - biggest sport event ?

Have you ever heard about the Sate of Origin ? Maybe never heard about it unless you are Australian. Because it is a domestic inter-state Rugby League match in Australia - between Queensland & New South Wales.

Here in Papua New Guinea is different. Almost entire population is divided in Maroons (Queensland) & Blues (New South Wales), paint their faces either Red or Blue, waiving flags and march the street, shouting the name of the team they support. There are fights between the supporters, gambling, and sometimes dogs and cats are also painted in Red or Blue. If you decide to eat sausages on the day, you have to choose ones in either Red or Blue. And better not wear the cloths in Red or Blue, otherwise the opponent team supporters may be angry to you.
It is as if British people fight each other for inter-state match in France.... never !!
Whether you agree or not, it is the biggest sport event in Papua New Guinea, involving all folks of lives, youth to elders, men, women, dog and cats.

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