January 28, 2008

2008 Model Package Up...

2008 Model Tour Package - Nature & Culture Tour finally on.
We have several different plans for different duration- as short as 5 nights to as long as 20 nights.
* Casual New Guinea - for general tourist. Culture & Soft adventure.
*Nature Wonder New Guinea - for nature lover.
*New Guinea Adventure Holiday - for people with more adventure in mind, trekking, village stay etc...
*VIP Executive Holiday - for top-end market
*PNG Highlight Round Trip - visit all the highlights of the country in 2weeks or more - suitable for group trip.
If you have questions or require package rates, please let us know. (wholesale only)

January 24, 2008

Crocodile - A spiritual animal for Sepik People

You may find many crocodile artifacts while in Sepik river and wonder why.
Many Sepik people of Papua New Guinea beleive that they have originated from Crocodiles.
It is told that a woman who married a crocodile had children with features of half crocodile and half human. And so today a crocodile is spiritual animal to many Sepik people; in some part of Sepik there is a initiation ceremony still alive where young men gets their bodies cut to a crocodile-like skin.
Crocodile means many to Sepik people - is an ancestor, a guard and a symbol of strength etc..
And it also tastes good - a chicken like meat, little bit strong,but without smell.
You want to try next time ?

January 22, 2008

White Sand from South Africa ?

Ela Beach is relaxing place for ordinary people in Port Moresby, and I personally call it as Waikiki of Port Moresby, because it is made up of imported white sand.
The difference is Hawaii imports white sand for tourist purpose, but PNG is not.

The story goes back to early 1900s, when Gold was produced near Port Moresby.
At that time, there was no Gold refinery in PNG so the Gold had to be shipped all the way to South Africa for refining. But there was no return cargo to PNG, and it is very dangerous to travel the rough Indian & Pacific Ocean with empty ship. So people came up with the idea of loading white sand from South Africa to stabilize the ship, and at the same time, make a perfect beach in Port Moresby, because most of the coastline was reef, rocky and there was no white sandy beach. Because of the great idea, now we are enjoying White sandy beach brought all the way from South Africa here in Papua New Guinea !!

January 21, 2008

Beer of the Pacific - SP

One may wonder if he or she can drink a good Beer while in Papua New Guinea.
The answer is Yes.
Although people have likes and dislikes, 3 x local brewed Beers - SP Lager, SP Export Lager and Niugini Ice Beer are the ultimate thirst quenchers, all great tasting beers to be enjoyed by anyone and anytime.
Especially they goes down well the throat after a long day of walking, diving, surfing,birdwatching, etc.. under the hot sun, humid & dust of PNG.

They have won several international recognitions: in latest world awards, SP Export Lager has won a Gold Medal in 2006 MONDE SELECTION http://www.sp.com.pg/export_lager.html
So don't worry and get on the plane - you will meet your first SP Beers in Air Niugini plane and enjoy them while in Papua New Guinea !

January 18, 2008

Coffee in Papua New Guinea

Coffee is Leading cash crop in PNG, especially in Highlands Provinces.
40% of the entire population depend on Coffee for most of their cash income.
Most of the PNG coffee is Arabica, a Premium variety that grows between 1000m-2000m above sea level, and needs cool air, high volume of rainfall, and well-drained ground.
Together with Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands Province is most suitable for the growth of Arabica Coffee: the provincial headquarter town Goroka is called Coffee Capital of PNG.

Never tasted Coffee form PNG ??
Many professionals reckon it is one of the Best coffees in the world.
And not only it is tasty- with very low or Nil fertilizer/pesticide used, it is also a very healthy coffee. Since more than 70% of coffee is produced by small holders, it is very difficult to promise the volume. And it does not get along well with the mass-producing/mass-consuming world, so this is a contributing factor that PNG coffee is not traded as high price despite its good taste/quality.
Actually, almost 50 % of Coffee is exported to Germany, and others goes to Australia, USA, Japan etc.. So you may not realize but already drinking PNG Coffee.

For your souvenir from PNG, make sure to buy coffee for your friend, family or yourself.

January 16, 2008

Letter from UK - after Mt Wilhelm trip

I have received a E-mail from Group of British Tourists who has done Mt Wilhelm Trekking (4,509m) last week.

Hi There,I just wanted to thank you for your help in organising our Mt Wilhelm trip.
It went very well and 3 out of the 4 of us made it to the top. The organization was excellent, the team very good - in particular Salita the chef, Willy and Paul - the local guides. Willy even invited us to visit his house, which was a real privilege.The journey home seemed to take forever. But now safely home and back to work. I wish I was still in Papua New Guinea!Who knows - perhaps our paths will cross once more in the future.Best wishes...

Thank you for the team for your visit, nothing is happier than receiving a word of thanks from our guests.

And if you are tired of hustle & bustle of town life, looking for a Real adventure with one of the Friendliest people on earth, just call us again, we are all waiting for you !!

January 15, 2008

Kalibobo Spirit - Latest cruise boat in PNG

The Latest Cruise Boat has joined PNG Tourism scene recently.
Kalibobo Spirit, state-of-art custom made cruise boat is based in Madang, and can take you up to Bismarck Sea Cruise, Islands Trip, or Mighty Sepik River Cruise on a charter base.
It has 6 x Queen Size Double Cabin, 1 x Twin Bunk Room, 1 x Double & 1 x Single Room to cater for 17 people for overnight cruise, or more than 150 people for day cruise trip.
It has 2 x tender boats, one for ocean such as Scuba Diving or Snorkeling, and one for river cruise such as Sepik river.
Please contact us on office@pngexplorers.com for charter of Kalibobo Spirit, together with other destinations in Papua New Guinea.

January 13, 2008

No Bomb at Airport !!

People who are new to Papua New Guinea may wonder about the sign at airport.
No Smoking sign is common in worldwide, but look at the bottom one - is it a hand grenade ? No Bomb at airport ?? Does this mean people are carrying grenade around ???

Please be assured that the picture is not a Bomb, but a Beetlenut (or locally called Buai), a palm-family-fruit which is very common in PNG society. It is a legal drug which make you "trip" at low cost, and many people are addictive of it, spitting the red juice around.
I have tried several times (and in some case, I had to chew it to get along with people in this society) but it is far from tasty, smells like a rubber, and bitter. In a single word, "Yuck".
But when I chewed it after drinking alcohol, the sky went upside down, felt like walking on a cloud !!

January 10, 2008

800+Languages ?

There are more than 800 languages in PNG.
Most of the countries has only one language and people find it hard to understand this.
It is like English, Chinese, Finnish, French & Russian languages are all in one country.
I can only speak 5 or 6 of them, but thanks to the common language - Pidgin English & Motu, can communicate with most of the people in the country.
If you are happen to be in PNG, ask local people the basic greetings in their own language and try it. If you as a foreigner speak local language, people will really appreciate your effort and Best treatment guaranteed !!

January 08, 2008

Relax with Asian taste - SPA PUA

When you are tired of long flight, hard trekking or too much diving, there is a very good place to relax yourself in Port Moresby - Spa Pua.
It is located inside the Airways Hotel, less than 5 minutes bus ride from international airport.
Indonesian Massage, Thai Massage, Jet Lag Massage, Sports Massage, Foot Reflexology, Aromatic Facial is just a part of its Menu. Staffs are either Asia origin or Papua New Guinean, making it a small Asian world in PNG. Please relax yourself in a Spa when you next visit Papua New Guinea.

January 07, 2008

Living on the Sea - Motuan Tribe

Motuan Tribe, indigenous residents of Port Moresby area has been living on the sea for hundreds of years, and they still do so. They are believed to be arrived from other pacific island by boats, settled along the Southern coast of Papua New Guinea during the pre-history periods. Their language has similarity with other Pacific languages all the way to Hawaii, Fiji, and Madagascar etc...

We organize trip to those villages outside of Port Moresby.
See the real life of Motuan tribe, visit house, garden, church & school. Highlight of the tour would be traditional dance (Sing Sing) and Local food including Sago (Saksak).
It is also possible to stay overnight in the village upon request (advance booking required).
If you are tired of staying in the hotel, why not try to stay on the sea with Motaun Tribe ?

January 04, 2008

Sogeri Varirata Trip

We have visited Sogeri/Varirata outside of Port Moresby with some divers today, 4th JAN 2008. After enjoying the great View of Rouna Falls, Sogeri National High School, Traditional Sing Sing of Koiari Tribe, it was BBQ Lunch time.
They all enjoyed the Great Nature, Great Culture & Yammy Food !!

January 03, 2008

Fjord in South Pacific - Tufi

Fjord is not only found in Northern Europe, it is found here in PNG, too.
Tufi has great landscape, most likely created by the volcano eruption long time ago, but now covered with green, making it a perfect Tropical Fjord.
Since it is a remote destination, the nature & culture is intact in the area.
It is world famous for scuba divers, and there are other attractions such as unique culture, trekking, kayaking, fishing etc…
Tufi Dive Resort is the only modern accommodation in the area but for more adventurous tourists, we can arrange village stay for 1 or 2 nights.

January 02, 2008

Too small to see ? - Macro Diving Paradise

There are different ways to enjoy diving, but Macro Diving is one of the highlights of Diving in Papua New Guinea. Loloata Island Resort off the Port Moresby is not only the closest Resort from International airport, but you can enjoy many rare macro stuff - Macro Diving Paradise of Papua New Guinea.
Pygmy Seahorse, Racy Scorpionfish, Hawkfish, Gobbies, Nudibranchs and more and more creatures are waiting for you to explorer.
It is just 30 minutes from Airport, yet the underwater world is very productive. Because of the good location, it can be combined with other destinations, i.e. Kimbe, Kavieng, Alotau, Madang, Tufi etc..
If you are Photo Diver, make sure to include Loloata for your next diving trip to PNG.

Can you locate a resident Pigmy Seahorse from the photo below?