March 28, 2008

Great Award for German Wantok

Mr Rudiger Knospe has been awarded with the "Member of the Logohu Award" yesterday from Governor General of Papua New Guinea. Congratulations Rudiger !!
He has been representing Air Niugini in Germany since 1988, and also PNG Tourism office in Europe since 1998.
In Papua New Guinea, people will call close friends or relatives as Wantok (= originally one talk, same language group or same tribes person), and many people call Rudiger as Wantok with much affection. Most people work for money and survival, but not many people are happy enough to work from their Heart. Rudiger is one of the such rare persons, loves the country and worked to promote Papua New Guinea in Europe for last 20 years: he deserves the Award.
But Rudiger, this is not the End, -you have to work another 30 years to get 50 years of service Award !!!

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