June 26, 2008

Goroka Show is coming for Sep 13-14

One of the largest Cultural events in Papua New Guinea, Goroka Show will be held 13-14 Sep 2008 in Goroka. Tribes from all over the Highlands, Madang, Morobe, Sepik people come through the Highlands Highway to participate, and compete each other during the 2 days show.
It is a very rare chance to see the different tribes from different parts of the country in one place !!
The tourist pass holder can go right into the show ground and see the different cultural performances, sometimes the group will dance only for you !
Accommodation will be very tight during the show period but we have secured rooms for the guests. If you have not booked the room yet, please contact your travel agent and book through us !!

June 19, 2008

Orchid with your name ?

Did you know that Papua New Guinea has more species of Orchids in any other countries of the world ? There are about 3,000 known species of Orchids, which is approx. 2/3rd of known species of all the orchids in the world, and probably more species yet to be discovered.
Once the new species are discovered, new names are given. Sepik Blue, Morobe Shower, Pomio Brown, Moresby Gold are named after the places, while some orchids are named after the person such as Veronica Somare (wife of first prime minister).
While walking in the reinforest, I encounter different species of Orchids and always wonder if those orchids were ever been "discovered"?
If you ever find new species in Papua New Guinea, you may have a chance to name the new orchid after your name !
For those interested, please check Papua New Guinea Orchid News site on

June 12, 2008

State of Origin - biggest sport event ?

Have you ever heard about the Sate of Origin ? Maybe never heard about it unless you are Australian. Because it is a domestic inter-state Rugby League match in Australia - between Queensland & New South Wales.

Here in Papua New Guinea is different. Almost entire population is divided in Maroons (Queensland) & Blues (New South Wales), paint their faces either Red or Blue, waiving flags and march the street, shouting the name of the team they support. There are fights between the supporters, gambling, and sometimes dogs and cats are also painted in Red or Blue. If you decide to eat sausages on the day, you have to choose ones in either Red or Blue. And better not wear the cloths in Red or Blue, otherwise the opponent team supporters may be angry to you.
It is as if British people fight each other for inter-state match in France.... never !!
Whether you agree or not, it is the biggest sport event in Papua New Guinea, involving all folks of lives, youth to elders, men, women, dog and cats.

June 08, 2008

VIP ride by Crocodile

Please pick up the VIP guest from Art shop at 0800am, please handle with care.
That was a first job yesterday, nothing special .... until we found that the guest was not a human being, but a huge Crocodile Figure. As per an order from the client, we have escorted the VIP Croc into the 4WD, sit him on the seat, fastened the seat belt and transported him to airport with care....
The Crocodile together with fellow Ancestral Mask and Figure from Sepik region of Papua New Guinea are now heading for Europe.
After a long journey, hopefully they will find a new home in Bayern, Germany.
Thank you Michael & Xenia for the visit and looking forward to seeing you again !

June 01, 2008

Living with Volcano - Rabaul

Mt Tavurvur and Mt Vulcan in East New Britain has erupted in 17th September 1994, destroyed almost all parts of Rabaul town. People have left home and evacuated, but soon after they have returned to Rabaul and started reconstruction. This is not the first time in the history and people keep coming back to Rabaul town after the volcano eruption.

Mt Tavurvur is still smoking up after 13 years, some parts of the Rabaul town is still under the ash, but people are living with Volcano.
I am not sure if Baining Fire Dance is related with this Volcanic activities, but I just guess that ancient people must have tried to contral the God of the mountain by the Fire Dance ?? Bainings are now living in the hinterland but were the traditional residents of Rabaul before being chased by Tolais, so it could be true ??
National Mask Festival will be held in Rabaul/Kokopo and is coming soon - 16th-19th Jul !!