September 20, 2007

Annual Goroka Show

Annual Goroka Show was staged 15-16 Sep in Goroka।The group from Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Western Highlands, Southern Highlands, Enga, Morobe, Madang, Sepik, and some all the way from Islands gathered to contest themselves to prove which group was Best. Tourists from around the globe gathered and enjoyed the 2-days festival, including USA, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Australia and Japan. The colorful show will be staged again in September 2008. Accommodation is limited so please hurry to book with your travel agent.

September 01, 2007

Ambunti Lodge

The base Lodge for the Sepik Canoe Trip has recently completed renovation; now all the rooms are Self contained (with Toilet/Shower) and Air-conditioned. Also the Lodge is equipped with stand-by Generator in case of Power Black-Out. With this renovation, your Sepik canoe trip is now much more comfortable.
Ambunti is a gateway for both Upper & Middle Sepik area.Upper Sepik is full of pristine Nature & Culture and the area can not be visited by larger cruise, so the trip is suitable for those looking for more Adventurous Holiday, Off the Beaten Trek.