July 25, 2008

National Mask Festival

14th National Mask Festival was held for 16-19 July 2008.
This year, the venue has been moved from Rabaul to Kokopo.
There were lots of discussions regarding the relocation, but considering the fact that the Festival can not continue without the support from the private sector, it is logic when most of the business houses (including Hotels) are moved to Kokopo after 1994 eruption.

Some tourists stayed in Rabaul town (which is 45 minutes drive to Kokopo) had to wake up 4 am to see Kinavai ceremony which was coming to the shore of Kokopo this year. Despite that, they have enjoyed the sacred ceremony which, except the show time, is confined to the secret society members. The next Mask Festival is expected to held in Kokopo again in July 2009.

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