March 31, 2008

MV Doulos visit

On Sunday, we have visited MV Doulos berthed at Port Moresby main Wharf.
MV Doulos is a floating bookshop, world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship (built in 1914 !). The boat is operated by 350 Christian Volunteers from 50 different nationalities, and she sails around the world from ports to ports.
It is indeed a rare opportunity for people of Papua New Guinea to purchase some of the latest books at reasonable cost. It was first Sunday for Port Moresby, so when we arrived at Wharf around 13:30 (just 30 minutes after the opening), the queue was going from the wharf all the way up to the nearby hill. We had to stand under the hot sun more than 2 hours, and managed to go on board around 16:00hrs ! We bought more than 10 books, mainly for kids, and cooking, health book for adults, cost about US$70. Very good shopping, but as soon as we arrived home, went straight to bed...
Thanks MV Doulos and its staff. Come to PNG again, we still need you !!
MV Doulos Website

March 28, 2008

Great Award for German Wantok

Mr Rudiger Knospe has been awarded with the "Member of the Logohu Award" yesterday from Governor General of Papua New Guinea. Congratulations Rudiger !!
He has been representing Air Niugini in Germany since 1988, and also PNG Tourism office in Europe since 1998.
In Papua New Guinea, people will call close friends or relatives as Wantok (= originally one talk, same language group or same tribes person), and many people call Rudiger as Wantok with much affection. Most people work for money and survival, but not many people are happy enough to work from their Heart. Rudiger is one of the such rare persons, loves the country and worked to promote Papua New Guinea in Europe for last 20 years: he deserves the Award.
But Rudiger, this is not the End, -you have to work another 30 years to get 50 years of service Award !!!

March 26, 2008

Island Paradise - Lissenung

If you are looking for complete relax in Papua New Guinea, Lissenung Island Resort off the Kaveing, New Ireland Province is a place to consider.
The life in the small Island is very simple but not easy to experience. The Island has fully equipped PADI Dive Centre, but snorkelling around the island&s house reef is good enough for a non-diver.
We have some packages including Lissenung stay. Please go though and include it in your next holiday plan !!

March 21, 2008

Induldge in the Rainforest - Kaveve Nature Walk

Apart from eating the local food, what I wanted to do when I came back to Papua New Guinea after a long trip was to indulge myself in the Nature, whether it be Diving in the healthiest reefs in the world , or Trekking among the last remaining Rainforest on Earth.

Kaveve Waterfall Nature Walk outside of Goroka is just right for you to relax your mind in the Rainforest, get mild sunshine and cool breeze, indulge yourself in the Nature. But it is not only that. It also has a cultural aspect of it - Along the trek, there is some stories of Nokondi, locally very famous half-human, half-spirit who used to live in Goroka. One of the sites along the trek is a huge rock which was said to be cracked by Nokondi, using his xxxxx.. (For detail, find it yourself !!)
(Nokondi is even shown on the centre of Provincial Flag of Eastern Highlands Province. )
For Papua New Guinea Package Tour including Kaveve Nature Water Fall Walk, pleae check the image on

Eastern Highlands Provincial Flag with Nokondi in the centre

March 15, 2008

Back to PNG

After a long long trip to Singapore & Europe, we are finally back in Papua New Guinea yesterday.
As soon as I arrive in "Developed countries", I always look for McDonald for junk food, Music shop for latest CD or DVD, and stand for hours in bookshop for books which I have missed for sometime. As for food, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Steak, Sushi-bar etc...everything that I can eat.
But after sometimes, I realize that I miss something .... Papua New Guinea food, Papua New Guinea music, Great nature & Friendly smile from heart, which I can hardly find anywhere in the world. So guess what we ate last night ? Taro, Kaukau (sweet potato), Aibika with Coconut milk and Cooked Banana with SP Beer- Papua New Guinea Food Party !!

March 09, 2008

Papua New Guinea Ladies Meeting in Germany

There was a surprising Wantok meeting of Papua New Guinea Ladies in Berlin, Germany.
From Left - Emily came from PNG as part of Exhibitor, while Joyce came from Brussels where she works. Dorothy works as a nurse in Germany and has been living there for last 17 years.
Those ladies addded Flowers to PNG stand at ITB Berlin show.
Thanks to the Ladies ??, PNG came No.4 in Best Exhibitor Award among more than 11,000 exhibitors.

March 06, 2008

Snowy start in Berlin

ITB Berlin 2008 has started yesterday with lots of snow fall.
Asaro Mudman is the centre of attraction and many people took shot of him.
For those who have not visited the show, please visit Papua New Guinea booth at Halle 5.2. of Messe Berlin!!

March 03, 2008

Off to ITB Berlin

After sometime in Singapore, we are finally departing to Europe for ITB Berlin show.
Papua New Guinea will be at Halle 5.2a of Messe Berlin, and we will be there for the whole period - 5th to 9th March. So for those planning a trip to Papua New Guinea this year or in the future, please come and visit us and get latest information.
Bis sp├Ąter in Deutchland !!
I cant wait to taste real "Wurst und Bier" in Germany..................