February 27, 2008

Visit to Kumul Lodge

Have recently visited Kumul Lodge near Mt Hagen.
Stunned with the breathtaking view of Waterfall coming from Misty Highlands Rainforest, amazed with the beauty of wild orchids blooming everywhere, some of them even have no names yet. What was more exiting was the different birds coming to the bird feeder in the lodge yard. We have seen 3 x Birds of Paradise in the lodge yard alone during the short stay; male Brown Sicklebill, female Ribbon-tailed Astrapia and male King of Saxony Bird of Paradise.
Real Nature Lovers Paradise, Kumul Lodge can be visited in the Package Tour as follows.
You can combine the visit with Madang, Walndi or both, depending on your schedule.
Hot River Expedition out of Walindi was introduced in a older post. For detail, please check :

February 23, 2008

Birdwatching in Kiunga

Kiunga in Western Province is an emerging birdwatching hot-spot in Papua New Guinea.
It was introduced in a Film by Sir David Attenborough in 1995 and bacame famous through word of mouth. Mr Samuel Kepuknai is ex-aircraft engineer and shy & hunble person, but once he is on the field with binoculars and field scope, he will trun into superman, oops, sorry, super-guide !!
If you are bird watcher and wishing to visit Papua New Guinea, do not miss Kiunga.
Photo: Flame Bower Bird in Display, taken by Mr Samuel Kepuknai

February 19, 2008

Hot River Excursion - West New Britain

While you are in West New Britain, wheter you are Diving, Fishing, Birdwatching, or ordinary touruists, Garu Hot River is a Must-See .
The Thermal-heated River is just 40 minutes drive from Walindi Resort.
Surrounded by towering trees, giant ferns and vibrant green vegetation, the raw and natural beauty of this unique environment is simply breathtaking when you first step into it.
The sight of the steam rising above the crystal clear water in this isolated rainforest, gives the impression of a mysterious and magical place forgotten by time.
And Surprisingly, the water temperatuure is just good for bathing.
Due to its volcanic source, the river is naturally rich with minerals and high in sulphur, so a brief soak in its waters will leave your skin and hair feeling soft and silky smooth, a luxuriating feeling of mellowness follows this. For centuries, the indigenous people of the area have been known to bathe in these ‘magical’ emerald waters to be healed from skin disorders.
If you want to feel completely rejuvenated, treat your body to a natural exfoliating treatment, a special red mud that is unique to the area and can be found along the riverbanks.
So for a truly natural and unique beauty treatment in a rainforest setting, the GARU Thermal River is a must-see Land site when visiting Walindi Plantation Dive Resort.
We include Walindi Plantatoin and Hot River Excursion in Nature Wonder New Guinea Tour Package http://www.pngexplorers.com/tour/natureculture-point200.html
(Photo courtesy of Walindi Resort)

February 15, 2008

ATM at airport opens

ATM at Airport opens ?? it may not be a News in anywhere else in the world but it is a Big News here in Papua New Guinea. There are now three ATMs in Port Moresby airport alone, one at International terminal, one at Domestic terminal and one between the two terminals.
You can do cashing by Visa/Master cards, and if you have City Bank account, you can withdraw from your own account. Well, Papua New Guinea is also catching the world at at its own pace...

February 13, 2008

Papua New Guinea - Land where spirits still rule

We have been advised that one of the journalists who has visited last year has published an article on New Zealand Herald Paper recently, titled Papua New Guinea: Land where spirits still rule

Our Guide Steven is featured as Educated person yet beleives in Spirits and Black Magics.
(and it is true !! )
It is not the full story of Papua New Guinea or even Port Moresby, but it is one aspect of the country and worth reading if you are interested in Papua New Guinea.
For your assurance, we had no problem handling tourists under our care.
Enjoy the story and the photos !

February 08, 2008

Komodo Dragon On the Loose in PNG.....

The top news in PNG for last few days are Komodo Dragon on the loose in Lae.
As you might know, it is native to Komodo Island in Indonesia, but somebody brought the egg and grew up, now size of 6 year old child and is gone out in the wilderness.
I hope it will be caught soon....

February 06, 2008

Challenge the Kokoda Trek

If you are super-fit person and not satisfied with ordinary adventure, think about visiting PNG.There are lots of unknown, hard, yet fabulous treks in the country.
Kokoda Trek is one of them. It starts either from Kokoda on the North, or Port Moresby from the South, across the Owen Stanley Range and takes 7-8 nights to complete the walk.
The highest point is only 2190m, but much, much harder than Mt Wilhelm (4,509m).
With steep up and down, hot & humid climate and fast flowing river, the 96Km walk is one of the toughest treks on earth.
But the Joy of completion is awesome and will not be forgotton.
Best season starts April and run through to November.

February 04, 2008

Back Online !!

We have been out of line for last few days and just back !!
What a relief....
The reason could be provider problem, telephone line problem, or power black out.
For those waiting for e-mail reply, sorry for the inconveniences caused. I have about 200 e-mails coming in, including spam mails, and off course genuine mails, and just imagine the slow speed of 56kbps (at its best!!), it takes ages to download them... but will sort them out by tomorrow.