March 21, 2008

Induldge in the Rainforest - Kaveve Nature Walk

Apart from eating the local food, what I wanted to do when I came back to Papua New Guinea after a long trip was to indulge myself in the Nature, whether it be Diving in the healthiest reefs in the world , or Trekking among the last remaining Rainforest on Earth.

Kaveve Waterfall Nature Walk outside of Goroka is just right for you to relax your mind in the Rainforest, get mild sunshine and cool breeze, indulge yourself in the Nature. But it is not only that. It also has a cultural aspect of it - Along the trek, there is some stories of Nokondi, locally very famous half-human, half-spirit who used to live in Goroka. One of the sites along the trek is a huge rock which was said to be cracked by Nokondi, using his xxxxx.. (For detail, find it yourself !!)
(Nokondi is even shown on the centre of Provincial Flag of Eastern Highlands Province. )
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Eastern Highlands Provincial Flag with Nokondi in the centre

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