June 26, 2008

Goroka Show is coming for Sep 13-14

One of the largest Cultural events in Papua New Guinea, Goroka Show will be held 13-14 Sep 2008 in Goroka. Tribes from all over the Highlands, Madang, Morobe, Sepik people come through the Highlands Highway to participate, and compete each other during the 2 days show.
It is a very rare chance to see the different tribes from different parts of the country in one place !!
The tourist pass holder can go right into the show ground and see the different cultural performances, sometimes the group will dance only for you !
Accommodation will be very tight during the show period but we have secured rooms for the guests. If you have not booked the room yet, please contact your travel agent and book through us !!


mauswara said...

Thanks, have added this date to the list of coming events mentioned on the PNG Gossip Newsletter. Online since 1998.

HK said...

Thanks Masuwara for that./HK