November 27, 2009

Visit Team Eastern Highlands

Yesterday we have visited Team Eastern Highlands at Taurama Primary School outside Port Moresby and donated Rice Bags, Chicken & other food stuff on behalf of Goroka Trek & Tours.
They are here to participate in the 4th PNG National Games and are cooking their own food while staying at school dormitory.
The donation was a big surprise but much appreciated by the team members. - Hope it has filled up everybody's stomach.
Team Eastern Highlands are currently at 3rd Place after NCD & Morobe Province.

November 18, 2009

Highlands Highway Overland Tour

Highlands Highway, or Okuk Highway is definitely the nation's lifeline.
Main Export products like Gold, Tea, Coffee are transported to coastal town of Lae & Madang for export, and imported consumer goods go up the Highway.
Here is the virtual tour of Highlands Highway from Mt Hagen to Lae.

Mt Hagen at altitude of 1600m is a commercial centre in the Highlands Region.
Outside the Mt Hagen, you can see a large Tea plantation on the road side.
You will then pass the limestone country of Chimbu Province and arrive Goroka, Coffee capital of Papua New Guinea.

The Road will wind down the valley to lowland, through grassland country of Eastern Highlands.

On the way, you will encounter a breathtaking view of Yonki Hydro Dam. The Dam supplies most of the electricity in Highlands, Madang & Lae.

Further going down the mountain, you will reach Markham Valley outside of Lae.
The temperature dramatically changes from freezing 10 degree to "sweating" 30+ degree .
Travelling the Highland Highway is not as comfortable as you drive the highway in other countries. However, if you have a bit of adventurous mind, it is worth taking as you can enjoy different scenery, plants, people and culture.

If you next visit Papua New Guinea, don't miss this exiting part of the country.

November 13, 2009

Tree Kangaroo

One of the most unique, and cutest animals in Papua New Guinea is Tree Kangaroo.
As the name tells itself, it is a family member of Kangaroo, Wallaby & Koala in Australia - Marsupials. It doesn't hop much as Kangaroo & Wallaby, but is a very good tree climber.

Local people hunt the animal and eat the meat for thousand of years - many say the meat is "sweet" but I have never tried it yet...
There was sound population of Tree Kangaroo across the country, however, dramatic increase of human population and cutting down of the forest has been a great threat to the tree kangaroo these days. Thanks to the American-based NGO, first-of-its-kind Nature Conservatory was started in the remote mountains of Huon Peninsula to protect the bio-diversity in the area and particularly the Tree Kangaroo.
We also would like to support any positive action to protect the Tree Kangaroo.

November 12, 2009

Kundu & Kanu Festival, Bigger & Better

Kundu & Kanu Festival was held in Alotau over the last weekend (6,7 & 8 Nov).
People from all over the Milne Bay province, other provinces & overseas flocked into the normally quiet town of Alotau and witnessed the cultural festival.

Kanu (=Canoe in Tokpisin) has been a main transportation in the Milne Bay where more than 600 islands are scattered around.The larger canoe was used for the "Kula Trade", traditional barter system involving circle of islands.
Even now, people use the canoe for going to school, church, fishing and carrying the garden crop
for sale. Canoe is still one of the lifeline in Milne Bay and rest of maritime provinces in Papua New Guinea.

November 11, 2009

Underwater Jungle

Papua New Guinea has Forest everywhere, from Lowland Tropical Jungle to "Cloud Forest" in the Highlands. But it is not only found on Land.
If you go for snorkeling or scuba diving, you can also enjoy the "Underwater Forest."
The coral reefs are so healthy and attract thousands of colorful reef fish.
Diving & Snorkel ling are available in different locations all year round, namely in Alotau, Kavieng, Kimbe bay, Madang, Port Moresby, Rabaul & Tufi.

November 03, 2009

Mandarin Fish

Colorful Mandarin Fish is always photogenic.
This one is looking at the Lens as if he (she ?) is waiting for a kiss !!
Mandarin Fish has been identified in different diving locations in Papua New Guinea, i.e. Tufi, Madang, Kavieng, Alotau etc...