June 30, 2010

Body Paint

Body Paint is important for Traditional Dance in Papua New Guinea.
Different color is used in different cultures/tribes, such as Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White etc....
Here in Madang, Body is painted with Red color before being decorated by leaves and feathers.

This is the secret of the red color. The fruit is smashed and red juice inside is used to paint the body, then rub the oil to make the body shiny.
Baby boy was looking at how elders are being painted and he started painting himself.
Yes, I am also a boy and need to dress up !!

June 29, 2010

German vs England

World Cup match between German and England on Sunday ended with historical win for Germans and left a question about introducing the Video Referee. Video ref does not deny the human referee but helps to make a fair decision in a crucial moment, and it has proven very helpful in Rugby. FIFA should seriously consider it.
However, even the goal was admitted, the score would have been 2-4, so Capello should accept the defeat. - Simply Germany was too good for England this time.

Papua New Guinea was colonized by UK & Germans in November 1884 and for us, the game was between former colonial masters. Although Germans officially withdrew after World War 1 defeat, we have lots of German remains, including names like Bismark Sea, Mt Wilhelm, New Hanover, Alexishafen, Finschhafen, to name a few.

Congratulations for Germany and keep going for the World Cup !!

June 20, 2010

Reef & Rainforest

Papua New Guinea is where Tropical Reforests meet with Coral Reefs.
Coral Reef is mother for all kinds of fish & marine life, while Reforest provides food & shelter for insects, birds, reptiles and mammals alike.

Local people are fishing on a dugout canoe, just enough for their family to eat for the day.
Very peaceful....
Due to the western influence, life is changing dramatically here but many people still live on the gift of "mother nature".

June 15, 2010

Best Cot in Papua New Guinea

This is the Best cot in Papua New Guinea.
The baby is in a Bilum (string bag) hanging under the High-post house - it's cool, soft and tender.
I wish I could go back to baby and sleep like this......