September 29, 2008

Monster in the Lake ???

Have visited Lake Dakataua in West New Britain.
It is believed that huge monster called "Migo" is living in the lake : head like a snake, has horse-like mane and body like a crocodile. There were several sighting by the villagers in the past.
The filming crew camped near the lake for a week to record the monster in the film.
Did they film the Migo ? well, I can not say at this stage but the expedition was very exiting.
West New Britain is famous for its pristine underwater world but may be famous with Migo in the future ???

September 17, 2008

Independence Celebration going on

Papua New Guinea became 33 years old on Tuesday, 16th September.
Independence celebration was going on everywhere, and school was no exception.
School kids dressed up with their own village costume and along with the beat of Kundu & Garamut, they danced away for the day. They were all proud to be Papua New Guinean with rich & diversed culture, and the tradition will be passed on to next generation.
Happy Birthday, Papua New Guinea and keep going for the bright future !!

September 05, 2008

River Cruise on a Floating Lodge

The Sepik River is one of the Greatest River Systems of the World.
It has a large catchment area and landforms that include swamplands, tropical rainforest and mountains. Biologically, the river system is possibly the largest uncontaminated freshwater wetland system in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Mighty Sepik River was first discovered by German explorer Dr Otto Finsch in 1885 and named after German Empress Kaiserin Augusta.
After the First World War, the Australian Government took over the German New Guinea and established a station on the middle Sepik at Ambunti.
The river name was also changed from Kaiserin Augusta to Sepik. It is believed that “Sepik” means “Great River”. Sepik has attracted little development and remains remarkably untouched by Western influences.
MV Sepik Spirit is a luxurious floating Lodge on the Sepik River.
You can visit indigenous villages along the Middle Sepik while staying in an air-conditioned floating Lodge.
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