April 18, 2008

Latest Situation of Highlands Highway

Last Saturday, huge Landslide happened near Kundiawa, cutting off Road link in the middle of Highlands Highway. We have regular flow of tourists from/to Mt Hagen/Goroka including Mt Wilhelm trekking, so we have visited the site this week to see the situation.
The road was cut off approx 500m and no cars can go through the section.
Travelling public have to walk the distance - approx 5minutes, carrying their cargo to catch bus on the other side of the road. So Life is bit harder, but people are still surviving.
Now people are waiting for the Fuel supply to Mt Hagen and rest of the Highlands Province, and opening up of alternative road before the section is restored.
For the time being, please be assured that Overland Tour of Highlands Highway is operating without much trouble, we get vehicle from both sides - Hagen & Goroka to connect the tourists across. All you need to do is to walk about 500m !!

April 13, 2008

Fly to Tufi for Diving

Tufi is one of the premier destinations for Scuba Diving as well as Culture, Nature visits.
The only problem was access - there are only 2 flights in a week, Mondays & Fridays.
Tropic Air has started scheduled charter this April, mainly on Sundays, at the cost of regular flights per passenger. This will make Tufi more accessible by tourists.
Photo below is some tourists getting on Tropic Air flight this morning.
I wish I were with them and jump into the beautiful water....

April 06, 2008

Start of Birding Season

After few rainy months, Papua New Guinea is getting drier, and it is a start of Bird Watching Season. We had some bird watchers last week, first day was all day raining - very sorry but had good time in Kiunga, and back to Port Moresby and had a very good look at Raggiana Bird of Paradise. There were about 5 Males, took turn to dance and attract Females - more than 8 -hiding in the bush and checking how the dance was going.
The photo would be much nicer if there were no branches.... But it is in the wilderness so you can feel the Real sound and dynamism, which you cant feel or see at Zoo.
Birding season will run till the end of October/early November.