June 19, 2008

Orchid with your name ?

Did you know that Papua New Guinea has more species of Orchids in any other countries of the world ? There are about 3,000 known species of Orchids, which is approx. 2/3rd of known species of all the orchids in the world, and probably more species yet to be discovered.
Once the new species are discovered, new names are given. Sepik Blue, Morobe Shower, Pomio Brown, Moresby Gold are named after the places, while some orchids are named after the person such as Veronica Somare (wife of first prime minister).
While walking in the reinforest, I encounter different species of Orchids and always wonder if those orchids were ever been "discovered"?
If you ever find new species in Papua New Guinea, you may have a chance to name the new orchid after your name !
For those interested, please check Papua New Guinea Orchid News site on

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