March 31, 2008

MV Doulos visit

On Sunday, we have visited MV Doulos berthed at Port Moresby main Wharf.
MV Doulos is a floating bookshop, world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship (built in 1914 !). The boat is operated by 350 Christian Volunteers from 50 different nationalities, and she sails around the world from ports to ports.
It is indeed a rare opportunity for people of Papua New Guinea to purchase some of the latest books at reasonable cost. It was first Sunday for Port Moresby, so when we arrived at Wharf around 13:30 (just 30 minutes after the opening), the queue was going from the wharf all the way up to the nearby hill. We had to stand under the hot sun more than 2 hours, and managed to go on board around 16:00hrs ! We bought more than 10 books, mainly for kids, and cooking, health book for adults, cost about US$70. Very good shopping, but as soon as we arrived home, went straight to bed...
Thanks MV Doulos and its staff. Come to PNG again, we still need you !!
MV Doulos Website

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