March 31, 2009

Eco Tourism in Papua New Guinea

The word "Eco Tourism" is often used as commercial advertisement, political propaganda, community meeting agenda, etc... Yet many people don't really understand what it really is.
If you ask "what is Eco-Tourism ?" in Papua New Guinea, some people may say "it is a 5-star hotel !", while some say "no, it is guest house." , or "we hear the word every 5 years (at the election campaign) but never seen the real ones..............

If definition of Eco Tourism is something like this - a small scale sustainable tourism which enhances the conservation of natural environment, preservation of indigenous culture, beneficial to the local community and educational to the visitors, what Papua New Guinea offers at this moment is all Eco Tourism as it is.

There is no well-established Museum or Zoo in Papua New Guinea, but if you would like to visit a living culture, un-spoilt natural environment, we have them all here, existing well before the word "Eco-Tourism" was created.

March 26, 2009

In Helsinki

We had 1 day PNG Tourism Seminar in Helsinki, Finland last week.

More than 30 eager people came from travel industry & media.

Look at the serious faces on the photo ! oh no, they are not "drunk", bit of "cool water" after a heated discussion !!

"Kiitos paljon" , ladies and now I know that Finnish are not always quiet !

March 21, 2009

Back Home

Finally back home from Europe yesterday.
After 2 weeks of clod weather, warm & humid weather of PNG welcomed us.
I always like the moment we land and smell the green leaves, and feel the warm air, and kids smiling for nothing.

March 14, 2009

Meri PNG in Germany ?

At ITB Booth, 3 x German ladies changed into PNG woman dress - Meri Brouse.
Very nice, and why PNG ladies can not dress like that ??
Thanks Meike, Katrin & Judith for your help at ITB !!

March 13, 2009

Future Director

Bert visited us at ITB Berlin show.
He was accompanied by his son Gunnar.
At grade 6, he is already taller than Emily !!
He must have learn a lot in a day at ITB show, and maybe one day succeed his father and become director of the tour operator...

March 10, 2009

Visit Germany

We had one day break before ITB Berlin starts, so instead of sightseeing or shopping, we have decided to make use of the day and have visited a Tour Operator near Frankfurt.
Got on a Bus, Airplane & Train and , we finally arrived at small town of Niedernhausen.
Thank you Andreas & Brigitte, and see you again -in PNG or in Germany.
*The photo was taken by photo-shy Brigitte.