May 23, 2008

Global Peace Index

2008 Global Peace Index (GPI) was announced recently.
Among the 140 countries, Iceland came First - most peaceful country in the world, followed by fellow Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway. When it comes to Papua New Guinea, it is ranked 95, ahead of USA, Russia, Philippines, India, and many African & middle Eastern countries. Well, I don't know if I can cerebrate or be sad about it.

There is virtually non-risk of terrorism nor military conflict here, but it is true that urban centres have crime problem which makes the rank lower. But if you are staying in the remote village of Papua New Guinea, you will feel that it is one of the most peaceful places in the world.

For detail of GPI, please check following site.

May 15, 2008

Look up the sky when you are in....

Not many people knows that Southern Cross (the Crux) can be seen in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
PNG is located approx. between 2-10 degree in the South Hemisphere, and you can see the Crux in almost everywhere. Early settlers came from South East Asia, Micronesia, and Polynesia may have used the Crux as a guiding star to head South and reached New Guinea...
Even from our house garden in Port Moresby, we can see the Crux very clearly, as well as many other stars in the sky, and we very much enjoy star gazing from time to time.
If you are in the village where no lights are on, you will feel as if the stars are falling to you !!

Next time you are in Papua New Guinea, make sure to look up the sky and enjoy the fabulous natural show by the stars !!

* Papua New Guinea Flag featuring Southern Cross (the Crux) with Raggiana Bird of Paradise

May 13, 2008

Goroka Coffee Festival

7th Coffee Festival was held during 8-10 MAY 2008 in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.
More than 40 x Traditional Sing Sing (Dance) Group attended, from Highlands, Momase, and have seen Group all the way from Manus Islands as well.
International & Domestic Tourists have enjoyed the dance group and display by the coffee related companies.
For those missed this year show, it is not too early to ask for 2009 show, as the show tour is getting more and more popular every year !!

May 06, 2008

Highway Re-opens

Okuk Highway, commonly known as Highlands Highway has been re-opened yesterday after more than 3 weeks of cut-off caused by massive landslides. It was welcomed by local people, government offices and domestic & International business community. During this time, Papua New Guinea has lost millions of Kina (Dollars) for missed opportunity for its export products such as Gold, Tea, Coffee etc...
Highlands Highway is the longest road network in the country connecting Lae, Madang and Highlands Provinces of Papua New Guinea. Apart from the rich natural resources, the Highway boasts about excellent views and indigenous cultures.
We arrange Madang to Goroka, Goroka to Mt Hagen Transfer or visa versa with sites of interests on the way.
The long bus ride is tiring but worth trying !!

May 01, 2008

Very Important Item in House

Coastal and Island village people of Papua New Guinea can live without Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply, but may not live without this.....
It is Coconut Scraper, the small chair-type equipment with sharp blade on one side to scrape the inner skin of Coconut. Scraped Coconut will be squeezed and made into Coconut Milk, used for different cooking. Today we visited one Motuan Village outside of Port Moresby and saw how Saksak (Sago) dish was made. The scraped Coconut was mixed with Sago powder, Banana and made into pudding-like cake.
We ate lots, lots of Saksak and left the village.....
Life would be much more difficult if they don't have Coconut Scraper....