January 21, 2008

Beer of the Pacific - SP

One may wonder if he or she can drink a good Beer while in Papua New Guinea.
The answer is Yes.
Although people have likes and dislikes, 3 x local brewed Beers - SP Lager, SP Export Lager and Niugini Ice Beer are the ultimate thirst quenchers, all great tasting beers to be enjoyed by anyone and anytime.
Especially they goes down well the throat after a long day of walking, diving, surfing,birdwatching, etc.. under the hot sun, humid & dust of PNG.

They have won several international recognitions: in latest world awards, SP Export Lager has won a Gold Medal in 2006 MONDE SELECTION http://www.sp.com.pg/export_lager.html
So don't worry and get on the plane - you will meet your first SP Beers in Air Niugini plane and enjoy them while in Papua New Guinea !


Anonymous said...

how much does SP beer cost ?

HK said...

It costs around 6-7 Kina (or US$2.5-3)per bottle at Hotels in Port Moresby, Lae and major towns.
It will be more expensive in smaller towns because of transportation cost.