January 15, 2008

Kalibobo Spirit - Latest cruise boat in PNG

The Latest Cruise Boat has joined PNG Tourism scene recently.
Kalibobo Spirit, state-of-art custom made cruise boat is based in Madang, and can take you up to Bismarck Sea Cruise, Islands Trip, or Mighty Sepik River Cruise on a charter base.
It has 6 x Queen Size Double Cabin, 1 x Twin Bunk Room, 1 x Double & 1 x Single Room to cater for 17 people for overnight cruise, or more than 150 people for day cruise trip.
It has 2 x tender boats, one for ocean such as Scuba Diving or Snorkeling, and one for river cruise such as Sepik river.
Please contact us on office@pngexplorers.com for charter of Kalibobo Spirit, together with other destinations in Papua New Guinea.

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