January 18, 2008

Coffee in Papua New Guinea

Coffee is Leading cash crop in PNG, especially in Highlands Provinces.
40% of the entire population depend on Coffee for most of their cash income.
Most of the PNG coffee is Arabica, a Premium variety that grows between 1000m-2000m above sea level, and needs cool air, high volume of rainfall, and well-drained ground.
Together with Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands Province is most suitable for the growth of Arabica Coffee: the provincial headquarter town Goroka is called Coffee Capital of PNG.

Never tasted Coffee form PNG ??
Many professionals reckon it is one of the Best coffees in the world.
And not only it is tasty- with very low or Nil fertilizer/pesticide used, it is also a very healthy coffee. Since more than 70% of coffee is produced by small holders, it is very difficult to promise the volume. And it does not get along well with the mass-producing/mass-consuming world, so this is a contributing factor that PNG coffee is not traded as high price despite its good taste/quality.
Actually, almost 50 % of Coffee is exported to Germany, and others goes to Australia, USA, Japan etc.. So you may not realize but already drinking PNG Coffee.

For your souvenir from PNG, make sure to buy coffee for your friend, family or yourself.

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