January 13, 2008

No Bomb at Airport !!

People who are new to Papua New Guinea may wonder about the sign at airport.
No Smoking sign is common in worldwide, but look at the bottom one - is it a hand grenade ? No Bomb at airport ?? Does this mean people are carrying grenade around ???

Please be assured that the picture is not a Bomb, but a Beetlenut (or locally called Buai), a palm-family-fruit which is very common in PNG society. It is a legal drug which make you "trip" at low cost, and many people are addictive of it, spitting the red juice around.
I have tried several times (and in some case, I had to chew it to get along with people in this society) but it is far from tasty, smells like a rubber, and bitter. In a single word, "Yuck".
But when I chewed it after drinking alcohol, the sky went upside down, felt like walking on a cloud !!


Anonymous said...

Wow it is scary to see the Bomb sign !!

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting.
Can I try chewing ?

HK said...

No problem, but dont get addicted !