January 07, 2008

Living on the Sea - Motuan Tribe

Motuan Tribe, indigenous residents of Port Moresby area has been living on the sea for hundreds of years, and they still do so. They are believed to be arrived from other pacific island by boats, settled along the Southern coast of Papua New Guinea during the pre-history periods. Their language has similarity with other Pacific languages all the way to Hawaii, Fiji, and Madagascar etc...

We organize trip to those villages outside of Port Moresby.
See the real life of Motuan tribe, visit house, garden, church & school. Highlight of the tour would be traditional dance (Sing Sing) and Local food including Sago (Saksak).
It is also possible to stay overnight in the village upon request (advance booking required).
If you are tired of staying in the hotel, why not try to stay on the sea with Motaun Tribe ?

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