January 02, 2008

Too small to see ? - Macro Diving Paradise

There are different ways to enjoy diving, but Macro Diving is one of the highlights of Diving in Papua New Guinea. Loloata Island Resort off the Port Moresby is not only the closest Resort from International airport, but you can enjoy many rare macro stuff - Macro Diving Paradise of Papua New Guinea.
Pygmy Seahorse, Racy Scorpionfish, Hawkfish, Gobbies, Nudibranchs and more and more creatures are waiting for you to explorer.
It is just 30 minutes from Airport, yet the underwater world is very productive. Because of the good location, it can be combined with other destinations, i.e. Kimbe, Kavieng, Alotau, Madang, Tufi etc..
If you are Photo Diver, make sure to include Loloata for your next diving trip to PNG.

Can you locate a resident Pigmy Seahorse from the photo below?

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