December 06, 2007

Surf is Up !!

With North-West Monsoon Swell coming in, Papua New Guinea is in the middle of Surf Season.
We work closely with Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea and orgaize surf trips to Kavieng & Vanimo.
If you are looking for casual, fun wave, Kavieng (or New Ireland) is best place with more selection of accommodations. If your family is non-surfer, there are snorkelling, diving, fishing, and land tours available. The surfing style is basically boat trip looking for best wave for the day.
On the other hand, if you are hard-core surfer looking for a powerful wave, nobody disputes that Vanimo is No.1 spot. Thers is a beach point catring for both Regular & Goofy.
In either way, the biggest advantage of surfing in PNG is that you can surf without fighting for a best wave.
Surf Season runs from November to April, and all the quality waves are waiting for you to be exploered !!

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