December 27, 2007

Living Museum - Tubuan

Papua New Guinea does not really need Museum, as the people themselves are like Living Museum. Here in Rabaul, East New Britain province of Papua New Guinea, Tubuan Society of Tolai people has kept tradition and secret of Tubuan for hundreds of years, and it is still alive.
It is very interesting to see one of the most civilized people in PNG are stick to the very unique custom and tradition. Even former Prime Minister, Secretary General of International Organisation are member of the society and has kept the tradition.
When we were walking the street of Rabaul, we have found group of funny shaped men.
With Cone-shaped head, body covered with leaves, dancing and walking towards us.
This was the famous, yet full of secret initiation ceremony of Tubuan.
Since it is a sacred ceremony, it is not shown commercially, or shown upon request, unless you are lucky to be there when the ceremony is on.
As a tourist, only way to see the ceremony is to visit the Mask Festival held every year in July.
If you want to see the living museum of Tolai people - Tubuan, please hurry to book for your next holiday with National Mask Festival.

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