December 05, 2007

Living with a Hope - Malolo T-shirt

Like other developing countries, large cities and towns of Papua New Guinea have a problem of urban mobilization, producing lots of "street kids" every year.
They are thrown out of formal education system, no chance of employment, boring & hungry, eventually got into trouble, alcohol, drug, and criminal activities.

Thanks to the City Mission PNG, those street kids are given opportunity for the training and gained skill to be self-reliant. City Mission provides Agriculture training, Literacy class and now produce one of the highest quality screen T-shirts in the country- called Malolo T-shirt & products.

The boys once lost hope in life are now busy designing, cutting, painting, sawing and selling the T-shirts & other items. The profit of the sales is returned to the Mission for community project.

And it is not only helping the people, but it is one of the best souvenirs in PNG - the design is very unique and represent different cultures of PNG.
We support the initiative of City Mission and have been selling the Malolo products since 2003 at our shop located in Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby.
If you happen to visit PNG, please don't forget to drop in to our shop and buy Malolo T-shirt for your souvenir.

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