December 26, 2007

Mobile Phone War

One of the biggest events of 2007 in PNG was a Mobile Phone War.
Monopoly by Government owned B-Mobile has ended when the new company Digicel came in this April. Despite numerous efforts by the government to change the law and kick the Digicel out of the country, many grassroots people supported the Digicel.
Digicel has offered <Buy 1 Phone and Get 2 Phones> campaign, and B-mobile has reduced the SIM card from K125 (US$50) to K25(US$10).
Cheapest mobile phones which used to cost more than K200 (US$80) without SIM is now selling as low as K49(US$20) inclusive of SIM. In Town, many shops, buses, sports ground fences and walls are painted either Red (by Digicel) or Blue/Green/White (by B-Mobile).

Thanks to the severe competition, now many people afford to buy mobile phones.
It is also good for the tourists, as Digicel offers international roaming service and B-mobile is tying to follow it. Now you can use your own mobile phone while in PNG !

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