April 09, 2009

Sad News

We have received very sad news that Maggie Wilson has passed away.
She was a prominent business woman in a male-dominated Highlands society of Papua New Guinea, particularly known as an owner of Haus Poroman Lodge.
Born as a daughter of Gold miner from Australia, she was a living-history of "First-Contact Era" of New Guinea Highlands, business woman, politician & owner of arguably one of the Best Lodges in the country.
Personally, I have stayed about 3 weeks and learnt Tok Pidgin at Haus Poroman when I first came to Papua New Guinea in 1995. Even now, many people tell me that my Tok Pidgin is Kange (Mt Hagen) style, mainly owe to the people of Kunguma village. After 14 years, I vividly remember the friendly smile of Maggie, family & staff who made me at home.
Apart from language, I have also learnt a lot from Maggie and staffs of Haus Poroman (name itself means "house of friends"), how best we can treat international visitor with a true Melanesian hospitality in a professional manner.

Maggie, please be assured that your initiative has been inherited to many people and passed onto next generation.

Haus Poroman Lodge has been closed since 2007 but hope one day re-opened, so that we can visit our “home away home.”
May her soul rest in peace...

Note : As an alternative, "Hotel Poroman" in Mt Hagen town is run by her family member.

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