April 30, 2009

Morobe show, the oldest Festival in PNG

While Mt Hagen Show, Goroka show have been commercially promoted over the years, Morobe Show is the oldest organized Festival in the country which started in 1959.
It was started as Agricultural show, and still now it plays a major role in public awareness of the cultivations, crops, diseases which are important for agriculture.
Apart from being the oldest, with more industry support, Morobe Show is one of the most organized festivals and Tourists can enjoy the various attractions including the traditional Sing Sing groups which come from all over the country.
For more image of traditional Sing Sing at Morobe Show, please check the following Morobe Show society site. http://www.morobeshow.org.pg/gallery/gallery-dancing.htm

The show is held on Saturday, 31st October & Sunday, 1st November.

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Anonymous said...

The first Highlands Show at Goroka was held in 1956, three full years before the Morobe Show.