April 25, 2009

Effect of Global Warming in Papua New Guinea

Carteret Atoll (Islands) have attracted much attentions from all over the world for their rising water level problem related to Global Warming.
In Nov 2005, news have spread the world that the Atoll will gradually become uninhabitable, with an estimate of their total submersion by 2015 and the islander will become the world's first refugees from the effects of global warming, although the No-Electricity/No-Gas/No-Vehicle islanders have not contributed to the World Carbon emission at all.
World TV News/Documentary crew flocked to the remote islands ever since.
Thanks to the media coverages, the name "Carteret Atoll" has become quite common among the environmentalists, NGOs and government officers in charge of environment in the world.

At the same time, it is also a fact that the majority of the Papua New Guineans have never heard of the islands or their problem, partly because of the isolated location of the Atoll, partly because the world media has not reached to most parts of the country, and of course, negligence by the succesive government.
So What is happening to the rest of the Papua New Guinea ?
Photo is one of the Motuan Villages in Central Province near Port Moresby.
Motuan used to live on the post house on the water but many have decided to live on the land due to many reasons, some obviously related to water level/high tide problem.
A house was built at the far end of the village but later most of the other houses were relocated to the land side and only one was left. Now with the fear of the high water level and isolation, the owner left the house.... villages are gradually moving towards the shore and further to inland.

Effect of Global Warming has not yet realized as a big threat in a daily life for most of Papua New Guineans but is steadily coming to the shore of Papua New Guinea.

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what are the effects of global warming said...

Thank you for your article. Whenever you read about global warming it deals with western countries. It was very eye opening to read about PNG.