January 22, 2010

Rabaul - Volcano Town

Rabaul was once called "the most beautiful towns in the South Pacific", until 1994 when the twin volcanic eruption ruined the entire town.

Since then, Government & Business Houses moved to Kokopo and no new building has been built in Rabaul. Most of the existing buddings have been collapsed because of the ash and subsequent effect of acid.

Rabaul township was first developed by the Germans. German Flag was raised at Matupit Island on 3rd Nov 1884, but the capital was in Kokopo. After they found that Kokopo does not have deep port to cater for a big ship, they have developed a new town with the big harbor - Simpsons harbor and named the town "Simpsonshafen".
Simpsonshafen was renamed as Rabaul after Germans have defeated the World War 1, but the town kept developing as main export town of Copra.
The Town was ruined by 1937 eruption which killed more than 500 people at nearby Matupit island and again by the World War 2.
But people who loved the "Frangipani" town came back and rebuilt the Rabaul.
With the mighty power of the mother nature, we are not sure if Rabaul will come back again to its beauty or not. However, with people still love the town and work hard to rebuild the town, I am sure there will be a hope.

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