January 26, 2010

Duke of York Island Adventure

On the next day, we have set sailed for Duke of York Islands. Duke of York Islands are group of 13 islands lie between New Britain & New Ireland on the St. George's Channel.

Today's main destination was Mioko Island, some 45 minutes boat ride from Kokopo. After we left our bags, we have departed again for snorkeling, and then fishing on the way. Not long, Dominic has caught a big Barracuda !!

After the marine activities, we have done a nature walk from the tip of the island to the Guest House. Mioko Island is where Queen Emma has set up her first plantation in 1878 and remains of her resident & Pool can still be seen in the jungle. (Photo below: remain of Queen Emma's swimming pool)

The flat walk can be done by any age group, and is full of attraction, history, tropical flowers, houses and curious local people etc...

The village life is very simple, people don't have anything luxurious yet have everything to live.
The trip was adventurous, heart-warming & educational.

Duke of York can be visited as a day trip if you want a modern comfort & hot shower, but if you really want to feel the village life and its hospitality, it is worth visiting by a overnight trip.
The next day, sea was very calm. When we are leaving the Duke of York, dolphins were chasing the boat and jumping as if they are saying "Goodbye and please come again !!"

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