May 26, 2009

Tribal Festival Season to come soon

Tribal Festival Season is starting soon in Papua New Guinea; the major ones are
Mask Festival (July), Mt Hagen show (August), Goroka Show (September), Morobe Show (October) and Kundu & Kanu Festivals (November).

Off course there are other festivals in the country which are less promoted than the above major ones. This does not mean that they are less interesting, but they may not be promoted because the show dates are unreliable, or due to communication difficulty, they are not known to the outside world, etc... The culture is still intact in Papua New Guinea but has been changing bit by bit. Some traditions are dying away and you may not see some of the traditions next year.
If you have not booked this year's festival, there are several Festival tours still open for booking.
Please check with your nearest travel agent for detail.

Here is just an example of many, many tribal performances you can watch Live in Papua New Guinea:

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