May 25, 2009

Landmark ? Pinapple Building

In September 1975, Port Moresby became capital city of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. New government buildings were constructed at Waigani area to house government departments, including a spectacular National Parliament Building, which was opened in 1984 by Prince Charles of United Kingdom. Other important national buildings such as Supreme Court, National Museum, National Library are also located in the same area. Before those government buildings were constructed - according to the early settlers to Port Moresby - Waigani area was grassland all over and many wallabies were seen hopping around.
Among the buildings, there is a strange-shaped building opposite Sir John Guise Stadium.
This was originally one of the government buildings called "Marea Haus", but now everybody calls it as the "Pineapple Building" because of its shape resembles the tropical fruit.

Pineapple building has been long abandoned but become one of the landmark in Port Moresby, just like the "Leaning Tower of Pisa". Don't you think that "Pisa" & "Pineapple" are also look alike ??

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