May 09, 2009

French Guidebook for Papua New Guinea

We had a workshop in Port Moresby to meet with a French journalist who is making a country wide trip to write a guidebook of Papua New Guinea in French language for the first time.
For quite a long time, only Lonely Planet (in English) was available as a comprehensive tourist guide book for Papua New Guinea. We are grateful for the Lonely Planet for its publication, however, I believe a guide book in other language in which report is also done by their own country men will be much better.
I hope he will get good report & photos of Papua New Guinea and make a nice guidebook.
Phillipe, je vous souhaite un bon voyage!


Philippe Gigliotti said...

Hey thank you tru !!
The voyage was very good, partly because of you guys,


Philippe Gigliotti

HK said...

Vous ĂȘtes la bienvenue !!