February 19, 2008

Hot River Excursion - West New Britain

While you are in West New Britain, wheter you are Diving, Fishing, Birdwatching, or ordinary touruists, Garu Hot River is a Must-See .
The Thermal-heated River is just 40 minutes drive from Walindi Resort.
Surrounded by towering trees, giant ferns and vibrant green vegetation, the raw and natural beauty of this unique environment is simply breathtaking when you first step into it.
The sight of the steam rising above the crystal clear water in this isolated rainforest, gives the impression of a mysterious and magical place forgotten by time.
And Surprisingly, the water temperatuure is just good for bathing.
Due to its volcanic source, the river is naturally rich with minerals and high in sulphur, so a brief soak in its waters will leave your skin and hair feeling soft and silky smooth, a luxuriating feeling of mellowness follows this. For centuries, the indigenous people of the area have been known to bathe in these ‘magical’ emerald waters to be healed from skin disorders.
If you want to feel completely rejuvenated, treat your body to a natural exfoliating treatment, a special red mud that is unique to the area and can be found along the riverbanks.
So for a truly natural and unique beauty treatment in a rainforest setting, the GARU Thermal River is a must-see Land site when visiting Walindi Plantation Dive Resort.
We include Walindi Plantatoin and Hot River Excursion in Nature Wonder New Guinea Tour Package http://www.pngexplorers.com/tour/natureculture-point200.html
(Photo courtesy of Walindi Resort)


Anonymous said...

Wow its great. What the temperature like ?


HK said...

Thanks for yr comment.
The temperature is around 37c, not too hot or too cold, just right for your body. Enjoy the nature wonder at Garu !!

david santos said...

Excellent posting, thank you.

HK said...

Hi David, thank for yr compliment, it is indeed a wonderful country. HK