February 27, 2008

Visit to Kumul Lodge

Have recently visited Kumul Lodge near Mt Hagen.
Stunned with the breathtaking view of Waterfall coming from Misty Highlands Rainforest, amazed with the beauty of wild orchids blooming everywhere, some of them even have no names yet. What was more exiting was the different birds coming to the bird feeder in the lodge yard. We have seen 3 x Birds of Paradise in the lodge yard alone during the short stay; male Brown Sicklebill, female Ribbon-tailed Astrapia and male King of Saxony Bird of Paradise.
Real Nature Lovers Paradise, Kumul Lodge can be visited in the Package Tour as follows.
You can combine the visit with Madang, Walndi or both, depending on your schedule.
Hot River Expedition out of Walindi was introduced in a older post. For detail, please check :

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Anonymous said...

Amazingly stunning beauty still intact. PNG tourism industry definitely needs to advertise and promote what it has to a new level. I would doubt to think there is a place like this in the world. I'd love to visit a place like this.

Cheers and keep up the good work.