August 07, 2009

Family trip to Loloata

Who said Port Moresby is one of the worst cities in the world ?
Off course there are problems from time to time, just like any other big cities in the world, whether be London, New York, Amsterdam or Paris. But we are living here, going to work and shopping, kids going to school, and on holiday, visiting place like Loloata Island for a relaxisation & fun.

Ready for Snorkeling at "Lion Island"

Afternoon walking up the hill (Loloata means "One Hill" in local Motuan language) to the end of the island until we see "Danger" sign.
After a tiring day, Dinner time !!
Loloata island is located in the middle of great coral reefs, where many scuba divers come from all over the world, but is a place for fun for local residents as well.

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