July 01, 2009

Real "Paradise" for Nature

The word "Paradise" is often used to express Papua New Guinea, but I think sometimes the meaning of the "Paradise "is misinterpreted.
There is no well-maintained walking track to see "Bird of Paradise". There is no Aquarium to see the underwater world easily without hustle & bustle of carrying tank and odd equipment.

When I am walking in the jungle to see the rare species of birds, sweating and getting dirty, I sometimes question myself, is it a Paradise ??

However, as for the nature, much of the them are protected without being disturbed.
Coral Reefs are intact & healthy, much of the Rainforest remains and become breeding ground for many species of animals, plants & insects.
And when I finally encounter the rare spieces and find out that they enjoy the life without human disturbance, I also feel that, "Yes, this is the Real Paradise on Earth."

So the real meaning of "Paradise" in PNG should be something like that---- Papua New Guinea is one of the last Paradise on earth where human being and nature still live in harmony.

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