September 02, 2010

Thoughts for Independence

This is already September.....Christmas is almost coming and we are getting older !!
But before that, Papua New Guineans celebrate independence day on 16th Sep.
Papua New Guinea will be 35 years old, if it is human, graduated from schools, hopefully get married, and have certain position in the society....maybe.

Papua New Guinea is blessed with natural resources, gold, copper, oil, gas in the ground, Marine resources like Tuna, Timber and so on....
But I believe that real resources of the country is human being.

Without developing human resources properly, the country's wealth will be deprived by foreigners/politicians and nothing will be left for the future generations.

Education of children is vital for Papua New Guinea to be truly independent and walk on its feet, rather than being controlled by greedy outsiders even 35 years after independence.

Future of the country is on the shoulder of our children.

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